Ways You Can Break In Your New Flats Without Pain!

Break-in your new women’s flats quickly and easily this season! Have you bought a fresh style from Spendless Shoes recently, and need to know how to wear it in properly? No worries! We’ll talk you through the things to know about women’s flats and pass on a few handy tips. 


At Spendless Shoes, we make comfort a priority! 


You shouldn’t need to worry about achy feet or blisters when you buy new women’s flats. Our flexible shoes will adjust to your comfort quickly, and you’ll be ready to wear your latest pair out for long and busy days soon enough. Plus, we have heaps of adjustable styles that can help you enjoy the perfect fit from day one!

Anything with a slide-in or slip-on fit could take a few wears to get used to, but our strappy pairs can always change to suit you better. We’ve got women’s flats with adjustable straps and self-tie faux suede laces in the 2020 collection, and they’re all so easy to shape how you want. 


Why might you need to break in your freshly-bought women’s flats?  


At the risk of stating the obvious, no one has ever worn this new pair of shoes. If you’re making the switch from a pair of much-loved women’s flats that have finally broken down after years of wear, then you’re going to be extremely aware of how different they feel.  When you bring home women’s flats for the first time, they’ll be at their most rigid. Here at Spendless, we design our styles to be cosy from the get-go, but it may take a few trips out for your feet to get used to the new set and vice versa.  


So, what can you do to loosen up your women’s flats comfortably and quickly? 


Wear them around the house at first!


Have you picked up some special women’s flats for an upcoming event? If you want your shoes to stay in pristine condition until the day of the party, wedding, or whatever, then you won’t want to wear it outside of the house until then. 

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t break in your new women’s flats at home a little! If you’ve got jobs to do around the house (washing, laundry, vacuuming etc.), then put on your new pair and go do those things. Even a handful of hours spent wearing your women’s flats in the days leading up to your event will soften the material and start to shape the style to your feet. 


Add some foot care accessories into your women’s flats!


Our inserts will provide cushioning and additional comfort for your feet. The soles on your women’s flats might be stiff in the beginning, and while you’re adjusting to your new set, having an extra layer of padding for your feet will help greatly. Here at Spendless Shoes, we have full-length, half-sized and specialised care accessories for you to try. If the back heels of your women’s flats are pinching your ankles, then our fabric or gel heel grips are ideal.

Also, you don’t need to worry about other people spotting innersoles or gel grips in your shoes. Many of these inserts are either see-through or come in a classic colour like white or black, so they won’t stand out in the bottom of your women’s flats. Also, your feet will be covering most of them up anyways, so subtle wear is a given. 


Feel more comfortable in your new women’s flats sooner! 


Spendless Shoes has fantastic styles that will feel great from the second they’re on your foot. But, if you need to break in your style, then follow our handy tips! You’ll be wearing women’s flats without a worry in no time at all!