Wedding Shoes perfect For a New Zealand Wedding

Perfect Wedding Shoes For A New Zeland Wedding 

At Spendless, we have been outfitting bridal parties for over thirty years. We have seen it all. That is why we want to offer some advice to our customers before they start buying, so everyone walks away with wedding shoes that will best serve them. So, let's get to it!

The basic breakdown

Wedding shoes from Spendless come in a variety of different styles. Bridesmaids can pick heels and wedges of all sizes and thickness, or opt for our practical and beautiful flats. Groomsmen will look suave in our laced or slip-on dress styles and boots. Little flower-girls and ring-bearers will also enjoy our velcro-fitted wedding shoes and comfy formal sandals.

Women and girls can enjoy silver glitter and diamanté décor, or go for natural, rose gold, or everyone's favourite white wedding shoes. Meanwhile, glossy black and burnished tan are the best way to go for boys and men.

Bring a second pair

Our advice here is mainly for the ladies, as most of their wedding shoes tend to be intimidatingly tall and glamorous heels. If you are worried about spending the whole day flitting from venue to venue, expected to dance, stand and endure enormous stilettos for all of it; then pick the smart option. Sneak a second pair of wedding shoes to wear later during the day, when you are a little less worried about the camera catching sight them. At

Spendless, we have many flat wedding shoes that would be wonderful to slip on when you cannot stand your heels any longer.
Wedding shoes you will wear again and again

As for the gentlemen, thinking ahead might save you some money down the line. A set of smart wedding shoes are easy to repurpose as work or formal styles. If you are watching your favourite pair for the office rapidly fade away, you can solve two problems in one by purchasing wedding shoes that can slip into your everyday wardrobe afterwards.

Going rural?

Now, it is all well and good to have a ceremony with a scenic view, but please take pity on your wedding shoes. If you expect to make your wedding shoes contend with rocky surfaces, plant life, or even a bit of wildlife, then you need to dress accordingly.

Gentlemen, this usually means boots. At Spendless, we have more than just your standard glossy wedding shoes. We also have a line of great faux suede boots that are perfect for formal wear. You can lace them for the perfect fit, and rest easy knowing they will survive the day. With variants of brown and black to choose from, you also have freedom when it comes to matching colour schemes with the rest of your party. These also double as an excellent style for winter, which means your wedding shoes will get more use during the year instead of being one-time wear.

Ladies, wedding shoes that can go rural tend to be the flat and enclosed variety. However, if you are determined to wear heels, we recommend going for a strappy, mostly-covered style, so your wedding shoes can afford your feet some protection. A low or block heel would be best, but if stilettos are a must, then it is time to pick up some accessories! Our Starletto heel-stoppers are the perfect way to get the stability you need while also being able to wear wedding shoes with skinny heels.

So, what takes your fancy?

At Spendless, we always try to improve our customer's experience with our products, and wedding shoes are no different. Get the look for less and more get tips from Spendless.