What Are Block Heels?

What are block heels? Are you new to wearing platforms and need an idea of where to start? Let Spendless Shoes guide your way today. We’ll do our best to demystify block heels for you and give you an idea of what Spendless has available in the 2020 collection. Who’s ready to have a look? Come on, let’s do this thing! 


What are the defining features of block heels?


Long-lasting ease of wear, uninhibited movement, and elegant features are characteristic of our block-based styles. Beyond that, the definition gets a bit hazier. Block heels are some of our most popular shoes for parties, events, weddings, and work, and you’ll see countless versions in the collection at Spendless Shoes. We’ve got self-on, self-tie, buckled, sling-back, and stretchy pull-on designs available. Styles from our shelves come with more colours, patterns, décor, and materials than you would believe! What does that mean? Basically, we have block heels that will suit anyone’s style! 


Could block heels be your ideal style of platforms?


Do you find stilettos intimidating, challenging to move around in, or uncomfortable to keep on for more than a few hours? Block heels could be the solution to your problems! Not only are they as graceful and trendy as our stilettos and pumps, but they’re also designed to offer the most enduring comfort. You’ll be able to dance the night away without a worry or a care and forget about sore feet! Why are block heels so comfortable? Thick-soled styles like these prevent strain and tension from building up in your legs. Unlike stilettos, which place your entire body weight onto a single tiny point, bigger platforms spread it out. Similarly, since you have a wider platform to walk on, it’s less tricky (especially on grass, rocky pathways, and even long carpet). 


Do wedges count as block heels?


Here at Spendless Shoes, we’ve given wedges a category of their own to avoid confusion. However, they certainly embrace the spirit of block heels! With full platforms and long-lasting comfort, wedges are another example of fashionable styles that don’t compromise on comfort. Like our typical block heels, moving around in wedges is also quite easy (including when you’re outdoors. Getting foot cramps is also unlikely because of the way the base distributes your weight. So, we’ll settle and say that wedges share a lot of the same features that make block heels such a fabulous choice, but that they’re still different! Are you a fan of these styles? Keep your eyes out for our stunning espadrille wedges this season! 


Are there any block heels made for cold weather?


Of course! Since they’re a prime pick as formal wear, you can take out your block heels during any season. Still, Spendless has got some excellent styles that are ready-made for winter and autumn too! Our sock booties and boot-style block heels tick all the boxes! These designs mostly come in faux suede material, which is both lovely and soft against the skin and a stylish eye-catching finish! We have gorgeous sock booties that fit snugly around your ankles for a flattering fit. There are cute calf-high ruched styles, and attention-grabbing thigh-high block heels in the Spendless collection too! So, if you want a warm pair of platforms for your wardrobe, you know we can deliver. 


Why wait? 


Don’t forget that our express delivery to New Zealand is super speedy; you’ll be unwrapping your awesome order before you know it. Take a look at the range at Spendless Shoes today! Our beautiful block heels are sure to brighten up your collection this year. We’re confident we’ve got a picture-perfect pair for you!