What Support Do You Need In A Walking Shoe?

What To look for in Women's Walking Shoes 

If there’s one thing we appreciate at Spendless, it’s a comfortable pair of walking shoes! Don’t be fooled; these styles encompass a wide range of designs and can thrive in other settings and events. If you are looking for a new set of walking shoes to help you keep fit and active, then Spendless has the ideal lineup waiting for you!

Thebenefits of walking shoes and staying active

A morning stroll is an excellent way to keep fit, release endorphins, maintain consistent body  weight, reduce the risk of heart disease, and lower your blood pressure. In short, pulling on your walking shoes and keeping active for a short time each day will bring a slew of benefits and a happier, healthier lifestyle.

The support that you need

Supportive bases are a must with any walking shoes. Ideally, you need something with a right amount of arch support and cushioning for your feet; this will help alleviate pressure that could build up in your ankles over time. Women with preexisting foot conditions or strains are sure to appreciate these smart designs!

Slide into the summer

Sporty slide-on walking shoes are popular with women of all ages! These kinds of breathable styles come with airy, mesh-like material to help keep feet cool after long periods of wear or during exercise.

We have slip-on walking shoes with cool contrasting stitch-work for added style. The range at Spendless has a dozen different colour options for each of the designs. You could fill your wardrobe with a rainbow of these lovely walking shoes!

Slide-on walking shoes are easily some of our favourites in this styles, as they are incredibly easy to get on and off when you want, but rarely slip while in use. Plus, they are bright, energetic-looking styles, and they look great with other active wear.

Stylish but supportive

Our low wedges have an array of exciting finishes and décor to add to their appeal. Metallic medallions, braided straps, shiny rosettes and floral fabrics, laser cut-outs, and sweet beading are just some of the highlights! The wedge heels on these walking shoes are less of a height booster and more of a supportive feature. Spongy and soft, these bring a plushy feel for feet.

These walking shoes could be an excellent pick for a long event such as a wedding or party, given their long-lasting comfort. They are stylish enough to wear with dresses, skirts, and other attire, while still providing that much-needed support for your feet!

Kick back and relax

If you want something trendy and comfy to wear, then our trainers and sneakers could also make excellent walking shoes.

Our trendy retro designs, flat-form styles with airy but thick bases, and smooth streamlined looks will have you spoiled when you wear them as walking shoes! Our sporty looks are fabulous with your favourite fashionable leggings and active sports, but we love pairing some of these walking shoes with breezy t-shirt dresses or denim skirts this summer.

Not to mention, our most active customers can easily use sneakers or trainers as walking shoes one day, then repurpose them as a pair at the gym or sports game on another!

Step in and get going

Beyond that, our sandals and slides could suit your purposes as walking shoes as well! As a more classic, everyday sort of look than some of the other options, slides from Spendless can be worn all day long and in different settings.

Are you ready for a new pair of walking shoes?

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