What to Look for in a New Pair of Work Flats

Are you after a new set of women’s flats? Do you need something that can liven up your current work wardrobe? Well, you’re in luck! Spendless Shoes has the women’s flats you need to make your corporate collection amazing in 2020.


Firstly, you should look for a fantastic price!


Don’t get tricked into buying expensive women’s flats for work! If you browse at Spendless, we can present you with an expansive range of sizes and styles at affordable prices. Despite the low starting prices, our shoes are as durable and high-quality as can be, so there’s no excuse! You can always have fun and spend less time with us. 


What functional features do you want on your new women’s flats?


Mainly, you should look for something with a decent sole or support on the innersoles. Regardless of where you work, your women’s flats are going to be in for long days. You deserve shoes that can get you home again without sore feet, achy ankles, or blisters. At Spendless, we devote time to testing all of our shoes (women’s flats included) to ensure that customers have the best experience with them. As such, many of our corporate designs come with cushioned soles and other handy features. 

Then again, you can always compensate with some of our innersoles! You’ll find half-sized and full-length innersoles in our accessories range, which you can use to pad out the base of your women’s flats. If your new pair leaves something to be desired as far as cosiness, then employ innersoles instead of tossing them out! 


So, shall we move on and look at some actual women’s flats now? Spendless Shoes has plenty of designs for you to browse through in 2020, and we’d like to offer you our recommendations below! 


Ballet-style women’s flats are a classic pick!


Grab some of our classic styles, and you’ll have a new go-to in your weekly wardrobe. Ballet-style women’s flats come in all shapes and sizes, but they’re all slide-on designs. When you’re rushing to get out of the door in the morning or ready to kick your shoes off after a long day, the slip-in fit is something you’ll enjoy immensely. We have women’s flats with round toes or ones that finish in a point, designs with metallic décor on top, kinds with woven or laser-cut material, and even some with lace fabric. Whichever type you do decide to get, you should know that they’ll be an easy match with any outfit. You don’t need to worry about long pants or skirts covered up straps around the ankle, for one thing. Plus, classic women’s flats look great with pants and dresses alike. 


Try some of our trendy trainers! 


If your workplace is fairly casual and has nothing against activewear, then we’d recommend sportier women’s flats. A cute pair of all-white sneakers with some stylish décor will keep you looking and feeling great all day long. The soles on these women’s flats might look streamline, but they’re still flexible and made for movement. If your nine-to-five is physically demanding, or you like to walk to and from work in the morning (or even ride a bike), then you’ll appreciate having trainers on sneakers on your feet. Don’t mistake these women’s flats for a function-before-fashion look either! Trendy trainers from Spendless Shoes come with leopard print strips, striped sides, metallic pieces, and other stylish editions. Not only will you be comfortable during your shift, but you’ll also be able to coordinate a fashionable work outfit with sporty women’s flats! 


Did you like the sound of these styles?


We have even more women’s flats waiting for you at Spendless Shoes. Jump online and have a look for yourself!