What To Look For In New Stilettos

Your Guide To Buying Stilettos

Are you shopping for a new set of stilettos? Don’t know what to look for in a new pair? Let the friendly team at Spendless Shoes speed things up for you with a quick overview of all the things you should be keeping in mind!

Always buy for comfort

The first thing that you’ll want to do is find stilettos that are comfy and supportive enough for whatever it is that you plan on doing while you’re wearing them. At a party, for instance, your stilettos should be comfortable enough that you can last that duration without having to carry your heels home in-hand. That means they should be fine while you stand around and chat, walk, and, of course, dance. So, how can you pick styles that you know will feel great?

Consider the height of your stilettos

Being careful about how short or tall you want your stilettos to be is one easy way to keep your feet happy. Where block heels, wedges, espadrilles, and other thick platforms can be more forgiving as a higher style, stilettos tend to put a lot of strain and pressure on your feet and ankles. If you rarely wear heels, the taller kinds might be something that you need to work your way up to overtime.

If in doubt, ditch your towering stilettos for kitten heels. These low stilettos are just as pretty as the higher styles but bring more reliable support.

Add accessories for support

Of course, you can always cheat your way to the top. At Spendless Shoes, we offer an impressive collection of foot care accessories and other add-ons that can make long-lasting wear easy in stilettos. In particular, our gel cushions would be an ideal match with these formal shoes.

Gel cushions sit under the balls of your feet, where they’re rendered almost invisible. The gel pad creates a spongy surface for a better feel, helps absorb pressure and shock as you walk, and ease regular foot pain or cramps caused by stilettos.

Choose versatile designs

What’s the use of buying a pair of shoes that you can only take one place? At Spendless, we have stilettos designed to dress up or down for any setting. Shop for an all-around favourite with our sling-back heels.  Low stilettos of this sort will be fabulous as work wear in the office, a trendy casual pair, or a comfy set to take for an extended function.

Pumps will be just as perfect as a when-you-want set, whether you go for our small or high variations. And, for formal styles that could look gorgeous at restaurants, weddings, cocktail parties, and more! For timeless designs you can wear again and again, you have to shop at Spendless!

Shop the latest trends

A new pair of stilettos should help brighten up your wardrobe and make your look feel refreshed. At Spendless, 2019 is looking fabulous thanks to a diverse range of colours, finishes, and patterns, and décor. Stilettos with animal prints are set to be big this season, so keep an eye out for our emerging styles. Soft faux and microsuede are going head-to-head with our polished patents and sleek synthetic leather shoes, so you always have your pick of the best. Diamantes and other glittery trim are excellent on formal stilettos, but they’ve also made a massive resurgence in everyday wear; luckily, we have plenty for you to peruse!

Buy now

There’s a great line up of elegant and fun stilettos waiting for you! Come and browse the Spendless range today. Shopping online is easy, delivery is fast, and you’re sure to fall head-over-heels for your latest purchase.

Otherwise, we’d love to help you search for a set of stilettos in-store today!