What To Look For In The Perfect School Shoe!


What can take a pair of girls’ school shoes from ordinary to extraordinary?

At Spendless Shoes, we bring excellent and affordable styles for all. Today, we want to put a focus on our best girls’ styles for school, and their impressive list of benefits. Are you ready to find out what sets our styles apart from the rest? Here’s what you should look for in a new pair of girls’ school shoes:

1. A broad range of sizes is always a bonus 


At Spendless, our extensive range that can cater to students of all different ages. Each of our girls’ school shoes has upwards of five sizes, and that means that replacing a favourite pair for the next size up will be no worry at all. Not only will you save yourself time and energy hunting down a new look, but your little student will also get to enjoy a much-loved set of girls’ school shoes for longer.

2. Classroom designs should be supportive and comfortable


Girls’ school shoes like these have built-in support and feel great on feet. We take care to provide a cosy feel for our customers, as kids at this age wear their girls’ school shoes more than any other pair. The style your children spend five days a week in for most of the year must treat their tiny feet tenderly. Our girls’ school shoes include features such as padded ankles, plushy innersoles, grooved base grips, and flexible material.

3. Good grip for sporty styles 


You don’t want to forget about our active girls’ school shoes! Sneakers and trainers are a must-have for PE classes and after-hours sports practices. Our sportiest footwear gets designed to move fast and reduce stress or strain caused by the impact as kids run, jump and play. However, the grip is also incredibly important. Without proper traction, your girls’ school shoes will slide all over the place, which is the last thing you want when kids are racing across slippery courts or grassy ovals. With our active girls’ school shoes, you get grooved soles that can grip well and let your kids stay steady at speed! 

4.Fair prices and opportunities to save


At Spendless, we’re committed to providing our customers with high-quality footwear at low prices that any budget can afford. Not only do we offer discounts and promotions throughout the year, but we start at incredibly low price points too. And, since we offer flexible payment options like Laybuy, our girls’ school shoes will never make your wallet feel the pinch! With Laybuy, you can buy the styles you want and split the payment over a few weeks, giving you more time to send through payment.

5. Open availability 


Unlike some other retailers, Spendless sells our boys’ and girls’ school shoes at all times in the year. Shop with us, and when your kids outgrow their pair in the middle of the term, you’ll never be caught wanting! Buy girls’ school shoes from Spendless, and you have access to the full spread of our range in every season, so you can stop feeling stressed. 


Our New Zealand customers get to enjoy our express shipping service, which means you’ll get your latest pair when you need them. We make sure that you can get girls’ school shoes fast, so your kids won’t be stuck in too-small styles for long.


Find out more by visiting us online!


You can browse our collection of girls’ school shoes and have a look for yourself! Otherwise, feel free to send us any queries you have about styles. The team at Spendless is always happy to answer questions. Spend less on your new girls’ school shoes!