Whether It's Music or PE, Spendless Has Your Kids' School Shoes!

As your child attends school, they can explore and develop their identity and interests through classes, activities, and clubs. Unfortunately, this positive experience can be hindered by uncomfortable school shoes boys and girls may be forced to wear.


A single negative experience with painful shoes could significantly impact your child's performance in school.


For instance, if they wear kids' school shoes without proper grip during PE class, they can fall into an accident. 


We can never tell what the effects could be, as these accidents can cause broken bones or, worse, paralysis. But why risk it all when you can find the best kids' schools shoes from Spendless New Zealand?


The Spendless NZ collection has all your academic footwear needs! The brand has provided kids' school shoes that will keep tender feet protected at all times. Spendless NZ knows what your kid needs to get through a tough day and ensures they get it.


The various kids' school shoes have features that guarantee they can enjoy their music and PE classes comfortably, supported, and steadily. Get to know these many benefits with the help of the Spendless NZ team! We've got you covered!


1. Features that provide comfort


Your child will spend most of the day in school, and they need durable and comfortable kids' school shoes that will help them adapt to the different settings, whether sitting down while playing instruments or running around and chasing balls. 


Comfortable kids' school shoes will keep your child in a positive mood so that they can perform well. 


Here are the different features that ensure comfort.


The right fit and size 


No one likes ill-fitting footwear because it is painful and uncomfortable. If adults cannot tolerate it, how much more can children? Ensure that the kids' school shoes have the correct fit and size. 


Take them shopping in the afternoon, when their feet are at their maximum size, to account for the growth. 


Professionals can take accurate measurements, including each foot's length and width. They can recommend which specific kids' school shoes suit your child's foot type.


A wide toe area 


Your child will spend hours sitting, standing, and running, so we don't want them to hurt their toes. Choose from Spendless NZ's collection of kids' school shoes with rounded toes, allowing your child's toes to spread naturally. 


This way, they can play instruments all day or kick balls with classmates without hurting themselves. Squeezed toes can cause blisters and other foot deformities.


An adjustable fit 


Some musical instruments require your child to step on pedals, while PE requires them to run obstacles. These varied activities would require their kids' school shoes to fit differently. With fastenings, your child can tighten the footwear as needed. 


Spendless NZ uses three kinds for its kids' school shoe collections: touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces. These fastenings also secure the footwear so it doesn't fly off during gameplay.


Enough room for growth 


Your child's feet continue to grow until puberty, so expect frequent growth spurts. 


To ensure your kid has enough space for these growths, leave a 1cm gap between the tip of the longest toe and the kids' school shoes. Check if the gap still exists every 4–8 weeks, and replace it immediately if it's gone.


2. Features that provide support


Parents do not have control over their children's activities in school, but they can ensure that supportive kids' school shoes can keep them safe. As mentioned, your child's feet will continue to develop and grow. 


Their muscles and bones are malleable, so their kids' school shoes must provide the proper support to prevent foot deformities. 


Rough activities during PE can have a massive impact on their feet if their footwear does not have features to absorb them. 


More importantly, we want them to remain steady and stand while doing sports. These qualities ensure the kids' shoes remain supportive.


Flexible up to a certain point 


Kids' school shoes must mimic the gait of your child's feet, which fold only to a certain point. As such, the footwear's flexibility should only be foldable where their feet fold, and no further than that. 


Kids' school shoes with this structure ensure the child develops their gait properly, not overexerting themselves. Test the footwear's flexibility by bending it; it should only go some of the way.


Gripped soles 


Music class entails your child playing instruments or singing onstage. Stages and podiums can be slippery and dangerous, so kids' school shoes need gripping soles. Traction will keep your child safe in different classroom environments. 


This feature is even more critical during PE, where they will play various sports out in the field. They need kids' school shoes to keep them stable during lateral movements and quick direction changes.


Firm heel counter 


The heel counter is critical because it supports your child's heel and ankle. It's at the back of the kids' school shoes and prevents excessive movements that can harm your child's feet. 


If you have an active child who loves running and sports during PE, this feature reduces injuries like ankle sprains resulting from unstable movement. 


Test the kids' school shoes by pressing on either side of the heel counter. It passes the test if they don't give in.


Spendless NZ Styles


May the features mentioned put your minds at ease. The kids' school shoes at Spendless NZ aim to provide your child with the best academic experience, letting them enjoy their classes like music and PE.


Not only that, but the collection also has stylish pieces. What the kids' school shoes look like is essential because it affects your child's confidence, self-esteem, and how they relate to their peers. 


Your child will have the best time in school with choices like pull-on boots, Mary Janes, T-Bars, double straps, lace-ups, and sneakers. Learning will always be fun with Spendless NZ kids' school shoes.


Grab What Your Child Deserves!


Looking at multiple brands from industry leaders like Skechers, Asics, Harrison, Clarks, Roc, and Nike may be necessary to choose the right pair of shoes. Spendless NZ does not carry these brands because our own has all the features boys and girls will love. 


We have what you need, whether you're looking for a modern design, a durable build, or wide sizes. The ideal pair of girls' and boys' school shoes for all ages may be found at our store today, so why not stop by?


Let them live their best life with Spendless NZ Kids' School Shoes. Head to the nearest shop or the online store to get one now! Note that our online menu features clear filters to help you find the ideal pair quickly and conveniently without the hassle of battling traffic on the road or at the mall.


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