Which Boots Are Best This Winter?

Searching For the Perfect Winter Boots?


At Spendless Shoes, we have an excellent range of boots for customers of all ages. From heeled styles to the cutest kids’ shoes, our range has it all. But, before you start looking for any footwear this winter, there are things that you need to consider.


For starters, the height


How low or tall your boots are can define how much protection and warmth that you get to enjoy from your shoes. The height of your styles also impacts some of your outfit options. Just compare ankle-high styles and thigh-highs.


Boots that stop at the ankle do nothing to keep your legs warm, but they do pair nicely with everything from long pants to dresses. Over-the-knee boots cover your feet and legs up to the thigh, but this does make it more difficult to wear pants and the like with them.


Since we have a wide selection of different designs, you are sure to find your happy medium. Just remember to keep these in mind.


Next, the versatility


How many different places could you see yourself wearing these boots? How appropriate would your new pair be at a casual get-together as opposed to a sophisticated occasion? Are there certain kinds of clothes that would not suit your boots at all?


Consider all these questions when you start looking at our designs, so you can guarantee you get as much use out of your shoes as possible!


Women styles


Combat and biker-style women’s boots are other much-loved looks at events— if you’re into outdoor festival and concerts, then these need a spot in your wardrobe in 2019! We’d recommend styles with a robust trend to help you keep your feet on wet lawns, loose gravel paths, and muddy ground. With metallic trim and other décor bring everyone’s favourite grunge feel to ankle boots this season, you might consider searching for styles with extra zips, feature buckles, or studs.


Heeled boots make cute casual shoes, but most people would agree that they’re better as formal wear. Want something sleek and shiny that can make your legs look great and help you stand taller? You’ll want to add our heeled boots to your shopping cart soon. These are superior work styles once the weather starts getting wet and windy; these also make a gorgeous pairing with long coats and your favourite winter wear.


Designs for men


The sort of men’s boots that will fit you best at Spendless depends on what kind of places you want to wear them.


If you need a style to take to a work function, a wedding, a nice restaurant, or other formal events, then we’d recommend that you choose something with a glossy or sleek finish. These shiny shoes will pair off nicely with suits and dress pants, which is sure to be a bonus for you. Otherwise, for something more relaxed, we have matte men’s boots will as well.


For a hassle-free minimalist look, a pull-on style should be your go-to. Boots with laced uppers, on the other hand, add some extra character to any outfit.


The kids’ corner


Our girls’ boots are cool, decorative, and lovely. In this range, you can find styles including lovely butterflies, bows, feature buckles, studs, or metallic charms. While we have all your classic black boots, our girls’ styles also include brown, blue, pink, red, and silver!


Boys have their choice of ankle boots at Spendless Shoes! We have comfortable styles with padded cuffs to support your legs and pull-on designs with elastic side gussets. While most of these are excellent everyday styles, we also have ones that make cute formal shoes too.


Browse your options now


Buy boots at Spendless Shoes today and get the best winter styles of 2019!