Which Heel Height Is Best For You?

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Find the best high heels for your feet at Spendless Shoes! Make aches and pains a thing of the past with our excellent styles. Read on and gain insight into the rules and tricks of fashion in 2019!


The height of your high heels is always crucial to the conservation of comfort. Here’s what you need to know about the width and design features of your shoes:


There’s a huge difference between the support and feel of stilettos and block-style high heels, and it is something that you must think about before you start buying.


Stilettos may be beautiful and elegant in an outfit, but they do not provide the support or stability that thicker bases do. The amount of pressure placed on your feet and ankles is relative to the size of the platform your feet have to handle. To avoid having your body weight forced down onto a single tiny spot, we recommend looking for high heels with greater surface contact.


Thicker high heels provide more leeway for their wearers than slender styles.


Our broader designs can go tall or short without inciting muscle strain and fatigue as a result, as they safeguard feet against general pain. Espadrilles and other wedges are an excellent example of this— their voluptuous platform brings supreme cosiness for hours on end. And, while the effect is lessened, the same ease of wear holds true for blocky high heels.


What kinds do we recommend for formal events?


Solidly-based high heels are our top pick at weddings since bridesmaids and other guests of honour will be standing during the ceremony, posing for photos, and trying to squeeze some dancing into the day too!


If you want a trendy and easy style to take to the shops, into work, or off to a coffee date, then our chunky high heels will treat you right!


Our lower high heels look more like sandals than stilettos, which is perfect since they’re also a casual option. Try something with pointed toes and faux suede, or enjoy the glamour of rhinestone trim. You can find all these and more when you browse the Spendless range online!


So, what do you do if you want to wear stiletto high heels from dawn until dusk, and vice versa?


Spendless Shoes has some tips you can try:


First, pick a lower style


The low point of our sling-back high heels should keep you stable during the day, while also providing a bit of a height boost. These are a must-have at work, thanks to their classic and dressy feel. While you won’t get the full effect that a loft incline would bring, our sling-backs do define legs muscles and accentuate ankles.


You’ll find styling these high heels is effortless too. Dresses, work pants, and other corporate clothes will seem fresh and fun above our sling-backs.


Second, pick the right occasion to wear your high heels


With the right preparation and information, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get to enjoy high heels! If you suspect that your shoes may not last an entire evening upright, then pick events that work to your advantage. Wear cocktail high heels out to dinners or other seated venues, for instance.


Be honest with yourself


The last thing you want is sore feet ruining a special occasion. Tall stilettos may seem more graceful and sophisticated, but wide high heels are always a safe option. If you have an important event on the horizon and need shoes you can rely on, then be discerning about which styles will be beneficial and comfy.


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