Why A Boys School Shoe Has to Be Comfortable!

It is that time of year again when the recess and lunch bells are ringing, and the children are chatting. You guessed it – it is the start of another education year. This period can feel overwhelming and exciting for both children and their families. However, you will find that our range of Kid's school shoes can make this process much easier. There is no better feeling than starting the year off with a new set of kicks. 


If your son is struggling to choose a new set of kicks, then you will love what the team here at Spendless Shoes New Zealand brand shop has available for you. Every child in the northern and southern islands of New Zealand will want to know where your son's pair of boy's school shoes are from! 


The one thing we know you should look for in a set of boys' school shoes is the level of comfort they provide. So please read below to check out some of our must-have styles of boys' school shoes that are super comfortable and stylish! 


Style 1 – Lace-up 


Get your hands on a pair of lace-up boy's school shoes this season. You can find a wide range of kicks in our Kid's website section. The selection of school shoes available for boys to check out is extensive. The best thing about our range of lace-up kicks is that they are super comfortable and secure on your child's feet. 


We love what a set of boys' school shoes can do for your son. He will feel great from head to toe in these boys' school shoes. In addition, you will love that a pair of lace-up kicks feature a comfortable and secure fastening method. This feature can ensure that your son's feet stay safe and protected throughout the day of learning and play. 


Finally, you will love knowing that your son is wearing a pair of lace-up boy's school shoes for the day. Catch him playing sport during lunch or studying in class while wearing his comfy lace-ups. These boys' school shoes will look so good on your son!


Style 2 – Slip-on


Treat your son to a new boy's school shoes this year! He will love wearing a set of slip-on kicks from morning until night. These boys' school shoes can help every little Kid enjoy their day of study and play. 


There is nothing better than rocking a pair of slip-on kicks for a day full of classroom learning. These are some of the most comfortable boys' school shoes you will find. If your son does not like to feel restricted in their footwear, then a pair of slip-on kicks will become your new must-have. 


When your son is having a bad day or can not seem to get out of bed, he will love wearing his slip-on boy's school shoes. These are worth investing in so you and your family can say goodbye to morning tantrums and hello to peaceful days! 


Style 3 – Touch-fastening 


Get your hands on a pair of touch-fastening boys' school shoes this year and watch how quickly things change. You will love how comfortable and wearable these kicks look and feel on your feet. Of course, there is nothing better than styling a set of touch-fastening kicks with your son's uniform. 


You will find that these are super comfy on the feet and can keep your child's feet protected from morning until night. If your son hates waking up early and loves to sleep in, you should invest in a pair of touch-fastening boy's school shoes. The best thing about these kicks is that they can get styled to wear after hours. 


If your son has a playdate booked or extra-curricular activities in place, then his pair of touch-fastening boy's school shoes can get worn there too. Finally, why not try out a pair of STUDY for your son? These black school shoes will make your and your son's life much easier! 


Style 4 – Boots


Prepare yourself for winter with our range of boots. This style of boy's school shoes is sure to become a must-have set of kicks during the winter months. However, you will find that dirt, rain, and mud are common throughout the cooler season. 


To keep these away from your house and your son's kicks, we recommend investing in a set of boots. These are the ultimate pair of school shoes boys styles to wear from morning until night. These boys' school shoes feature a sturdy outer material and a high-cut design. These features will ensure that your son is protected all day long. 


Our range of boots offers two elasticized side gussets, which means your son can easily slip in and out of these kicks. You will never regret purchasing a pair of these boys' school shoes! 


Style 5 – Trainers 


Do you have an active child? Does your son love physical education more than written work? If you nod yes to both of these questions, you are in luck! 


Our range of trainers is sure to tick all the right boxes. You will love how a set of these boys' school shoes look and feel on your son's feet. There is nothing better than investing in a pair of trainers for your child. These are worth every cent because your son can also wear them outside the classroom. 


Whether it is soccer practice or a weekend run, your son will love wearing these boys' school shoes. Trainers feature a thick, supportive sole with padded outer material and a secure fastening method. Your older boys will surely like these kicks!


There is no better feeling than wearing a set of these boys' school shoes all day and night. The best thing about these kicks is that they come in plenty of colors and designs. So you and your son will always get spoiled for choice with these kicks! 


Have you found the perfect set of boys' school shoes?


If you are nodding your head yes, then now is the perfect time to get your hands on a new set of kicks. We know that you and your son will smile on their face from ear to ear once these new boys' school shoes are on their feet. So head to the Spendless Shoes New Zealand brands store website today to learn more! You will love the many benefits from us!