Why Boots Are the Ultimate Winter Fashion Statement!

Are you ready to make the ultimate fashion statement this winter?

If you are, you'd better have a stellar set of women's boots! When it comes to seasonal styles, women's boots sit at the top of the ladder during the colder months. We can't get enough of them, and here are five reasons why:

1) Women's boots are the biggest shoes on offer, literally

Unlike open and airy stilettos or thin slides, a bold pair of women's boots are impossible to miss! The higher they go up your legs and the louder the colour or print is the more attention that they attract. Thigh-high designs, for instance, have such a long stretch of fabric that they can easily overpower or dominate an outfit.

2) Diversity is paramount in the range

At Spendless Shoes, you can get both heeled and flat styles, so we have women's boots for all levels of formality. Plus, the varying heights on offer allow ladies of all confidence levels to get heeled styles with no regrets.
We also have tall and short women's boots available on our shelves. Each of these little subgroups has its strengths and weaknesses beyond the look too. Over-the-knee designs are chic and dramatic, but the faux suede material does not do well in rain. Calf-length women's boots are a dynamic item and perfect for keeping legs warm, but they can be awkward to pair with dresses. Ankle-high styles can get worn all year long, but they also give the least cover.

In the end, only you will know which of these women's boots will work the best with your lifestyle; Spendless Shoes is just here to offer you more variety and choices!

3) These styles are as practical as they are beautiful

It's easy to get carried away and admire the beauty of our women's boots, but the functionality is also worth remembering. These styles are fantastic for winter because they keep your feet covered and protected against the cold. When the wet weather rolls in and rain pours down, you'll be glad to have women's boots on instead of sandals.

4) These women's boots cater to specific fashionable aesthetics too!

Since grunge fashion is back and bigger than ever, we'll use some of these as an example. Combat and biker-style women's boots are some of our top picks to rock this trend. If you like shoes that can add some attitude and give your look an edge, then these are the ones to choose.

One of the best versions comes with contrasting soles, sleek material, laced uppers, and a handy side zipper. Put a pair of these with a leather jacket and some distressed jeans, and you've got the start of a killer look! As it stands, you can also decide between a deep burgundy, classic black, or retro white women's boots too.

Styles with silver studs, extra straps, and feature buckles are also on the rise. While most of these are ankle-high women's boots, you can also try your luck with calf-high looks too. The silver d├ęcor gives you a great excuse to add metallic through the rest of your outfits, whether it's with jewellery, clothing, or accessories.

5) There are even more women's boots ready and waiting

We've barely scratched the surface of the looks available at Spendless Shoes. We have patterned, colourful, and classic women's boots, materials of all types, and too many styles to name now. With so much on offer this season, there's no way that you won't find a pair that appeal to you.

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