Why Choose Our School Shoes!

Since kids' school shoes play a massive role in your child's life, you must get them from a brand you believe in to provide for all their needs. In addition, their footwear must have all the features necessary to ensure the student's feet remain healthy and protected. 

To find the correct kids' schools shoes for your child, you must know what to look for in one. Do you? 

Our team at Spendless NZ is here to ensure you know what to look for. The team will lay the groundwork, providing you with what you need to check and then compare the available styles at Spendless NZ. 

You should choose our kids' school shoes if we check all the requirements. Let's start! 

What do I need to know about academic footwear? 

We've all been in your place, where researching which kids' school shoes to get can leave you in a never-ending dilemma. As such, we'd like to spare you the trouble and spoon-feed you with the essential features. Here are some: 

1. They must be flexible. 

When buying kids' school shoes, check for their flexibility by bending the footwear. When you push the toe upward, it should only turn until the ball of the foot and no further. Kids' school shoes must mimic the natural movement of the child's feet. 

Any footwear with too much flexibility won't give the proper support for the feet to stay stable and secure, so avoid them! 

2. They must fit correctly. 

Fit is essential in a pair of kids' school shoes. Choose styles that correspond to your child's feet. For starters, you need to bring your child shopping with you so that the trained staff at the store can take their measurements. 

Ask your child to try them on and walk around the store. Ensure that when they try potential kids' school shoes on, they have the socks they'll wear during the year. You may get socks from Spendless NZ, too.

One thing to remember when getting kids' school shoes is that they will mould into their foot shape to ensure they get the proper support, so don’t get second-hand footwear that is already moulded to the previous owner’s feet.

3. They must be comfortable. 

Check several things to ensure that the kids' school shoes are comfortable. Here's a quick rundown:

  • There's room for toes to wiggle. Find kids' school shoes with either round or square-toed designs. Avoid those that will squeeze their toes in and cause deformities and pain. 
  • Breathability is essential for comfort. You can achieve this by choosing styles with entryways for air circulation, such as holes or open tops. If the design is enclosed, ensure that the kids' school shoes' material is leather, allowing air to pass through while letting moisture and sweat escape.
  • Removable innersoles provide the student with more support options, especially if their arches require thicker innersoles. In addition, this option allows you to customise the kids' school shoes to fit their needs. 

4. Check for adjustability. 

Adjustability in kids' school shoes ensures your child can control how snug the fit is. The best way to find out if the academic footwear is adjustable is to look for the presence of fastenings. 

Fasteners like touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces play multiple functions. First, they ensure an adjustable fit and secure the kids' school shoes so your child can go about their day without fear of accidentally removing the footwear and tripping on them. 

Let's check out the Spendless NZ styles! 

Now let's review each style available and identify its features! 

1. Mary Janes 

Let's check these timeless kids' school shoes for girls to see if they comply with the features.

  •  Flexibility—Mary Janes have a flexible outsole for all-day wear.
  •  Fit—A wide range of sizes is available to suit your child.
  •  Comfortable—Breathability is possible via the open top of these kids' school shoes. It has rounded toes and slightly padded soles.
  •  Adjustable—Uses a single touch-fastening strap to adjust the fit and keep the footwear in place.

We now know why these kids' school shoes remain a uniform staple. 

2. T-Bar 

These girls' school shoes look like Mary Janes except for the T that straps form on top of the foot.

  •  Flexibility—T-Bars have a flexible design and grooved grip.
  •  Fit—A wide range of sizes is available to suit your child.
  •  Comfortable—Breathability is possible via these kids' school shoes' open top and geometric laser cut-outs. It has rounded toes.
  •  Adjustable—Uses a buckle to adjust the fit and keep the footwear in place. 

3. Double Straps 

These unisex black school shoes are ideal for active students who participate in playground and classroom activities.

  •  Flexibility—Double straps have the flexible sole of a trainer and the formal style of academic footwear. 
  •  Fit—A wide range of sizes is available to suit your child.
  •  Comfortable—Breathability is possible via the leather of these kids' school shoes. It has rounded toes and supportive soles.
  •  Adjustable—Uses two touch-fastening straps to adjust the fit and keep the footwear in place. 

4. Lace-Ups 

The older students skilled with tying laces prefer these unisex kids' school shoes.

  •  Flexibility—Lace-ups have reinforced toes and heels. 
  •  Fit—A wide range of sizes is available to suit your child.
  •  Comfortable—Leather makes these kids' school shoes breathable. It has rounded toes, a removable innersole, a padded collar, and durable soles.
  •  Adjustable—Uses laces, the only fastening independent of the footwear, to adjust the fit and keep the footwear in place. 

5. Pull-On Boots 

These versatile kids' school shoes for boys are perfect for weekday and weekend activities, including formal events!

  •  Flexibility—Pull-on boots provide flexibility and good grip. 
  •  Fit—A wide range of sizes is available to suit your child.
  •  Comfortable—These kids' school shoes are breathable because of their leather, rounded toes, and slip-on wearability.
  •  Adjustable—In the absence of fastenings, the boots have elastic side gussets that expand to accommodate any foot shape and provide a snug fit.  

The verdict is in! 

All the styles available at Spendless New Zealand have all the necessary features. It proves why you should buy your kids' school shoes from us. Head to the nearest Spendless NZ retailer or the online store! 

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