Why Choosing The Right Wedding Shoe Is So Important

How To Choose The Right Wedding Shoe!


Choosing the right wedding shoes can be the difference between a fun and memorable event and one you’ll want to blot out of your memory for good. At Spendless, we’ve been helping customers of all ages stay comfortable and look fantastic on the Big Day for over thirty years now. So, here are some hot tips, tricks, and things to think about when you next shop for wedding shoes!


We can probably skip the basics


By now, you should know that men’s wedding shoes include sandals, shiny lace-ups, and sophisticated ankle boots. Ladies have their pick of flats, wedges, and every sort of heel under the sun. At Spendless, you can browse for wedding shoes in every style imaginable, so we’re going to look ahead to the how-to for wearing them!


Our top tip?


Make sure that your wedding shoes suit the setting. There’s nothing worse than wearing the wrong style to the venue. If you’re gearing up for a ceremony outdoors at the beach, for instance, then your comfort level is wholly dependent on your wedding shoes.


For ladies, this might mean ditching stiletto heels in favour of some strappy sandals. For gentlemen, this can mean bypassing sock-inclusive styles and trying a dressy slide or loafer that will help you survive the sand.


Keep to the formality


When we say that you need wedding shoes that can suit the setting, we include styles appropriate for indoor venues too.


While overdressing on the Big Day can get excused, underdressing is received a little worse. To avoid any potential embarrassment, make sure that you keep your wedding shoes as formal or casual as the event demands.


Find styles that work with your outfit


Hopefully, you have some idea about the kind of clothes you intend to wear on the Big Day. While gentlemen in suits always look suave in a pair of shiny wedding shoes they may have trouble matching colours. Likewise, ladies might have a harder time balancing different heels and dresses. So, here are some quick tips:


Guys who wear dark wedding shoes will be able to pair almost any colours with them, but black-on-black will always be a classic. However, if you want to wear brown or tan wedding shoes, then pairing them with grey or navy pants will enjoy a trendy and modern-feeling match.  


Ladies in airy or flowing skirts and dresses should go with slimmer heels. Wedding shoes like wedges or block heels can seem too heavy underneath a lightweight outfit.


By finding wedding shoes that maintain the right balance with your outfit, you can keep yourself looking confident, calm and ready to celebrate the happy couple!


How to find designs for kids of all ages


Searching for wedding shoes to fit the whole family? Spendless can help! When you select styles for children, the two things to look for are comfort and security.


Weddings can be long and tiring for kids, so they need shoes that won’t add to their discomfort. Our age-appropriate touch-fastening straps will help keep kids secure and cosy. They’re easy to adjust and shouldn’t get lost during the festivities.


Added support is another thing to consider if you’re giving short-heeled wedding shoes to girls. For many little ladies, events like these are the first time they’ve ever worn heeled styles, so an extra strap around the ankle or across the top can help them get used to it.


So, are you ready to start shopping?


Spendless has a great range of wedding shoes waiting on the shelves! If you want to look and feel your best while vows get exchanged, then it’s time that you checked out our great styles.