Why Flats Are The Practical Footwear Choice For Work


Do you need work shoes that can last forever, look great, feel fantastic, and keep up with the latest trends?

At Spendless Shoes, we're ready to provide! Our incredible flats are a ready-made fit for any female in the workforce. Not only are they practical, but these shoes are elegant too!


Comfort is an obvious benefit of wearing flats


While Spendless Shoes carries cosy heels of all shapes and sizes, at the end of the day you still have to deal with an angled incline and the pressure that places onto your feet. Ladies who are constantly up on their feet during their nine-to-five will appreciate the steady support that our shoes bring. Even women who are parked behind a desk the majority of the time will enjoy the ease of wear, quick fit, and versatility of flats.


They may not be heels, but our flats still feel formal and professional.


Fewer companies are choosing to make heels mandatory, which is excellent news for ladies who love their flats. Stilettos and other platforms have a reputation for being prim and proper work shoes, but they are no longer the expected office footwear. At Spendless Shoes, we carry dozens of sophisticated styles that will suit your best corporate clothing without issue or effort.


Flats are conducive to a wide range of transit routines and transports.


Skinny heels can be incredibly awkward to drive in, to stand in while you ride a bus or train, and can get snagged on uneven surfaces while you walk. If you need shoes that are prepared to face down whatever your day throws at you, then flats are just what you need. You can be sure that your shoes will keep you feeling (and looking) your best when you’re on the job! Besides— wearing flats beats having to lug around a spare pair of shoes.


One of the great benefits of wearing flats is how easy they are to get on and off of your feet when you’re in a rush. At Spendless Shoes, our trendy sandals, ballet flats, and other slip-on shoes are ideal for ladies who are always short on time. Instead of fighting with clucky buckles, sticky zips, or annoying laces, you can slide straight into your flats and get going!


Here are two of our favourite looks to get you started!


If you need something stylish and chic for your work wardrobe, then our sleek loafers are a natural choice! Flats like these come with a metallic bar over the bridge of the foot for styling, square cuts to the toes, and in an array of different finishes. You might select a glossy patent, leather-look synthetic, or fuzzy faux suede to match your aesthetic. These will be a hit in any season as you can choose to wear them with socks and similar or to go without.


Another excellent pair of flats to match your corporate wardrobe would be our lace-up, pin-punched flats. These are a fun work option that you could integrate seamlessly back into your everyday wardrobe on the weekends. We love seeing these with everything from culottes and work pants to dresses and skirts! With their circular patterns and superior breathability, we think these hybrid flats are a flawless option when the weather is fair. Try our fashionable lace-up flats with skinny jeans and a tee on your days off!


So, which set will you welcome into your wardrobe?


Browse the full collection at Spendless Shoes and get ready to reap the rewards. Our beautiful and affordable flats have something every New Zealander will love. Get ready to have fun and spend less on your next pair of shoes.