Why More Men Are Leaning Towards Casual Shoes For Everyday Wear!

There’s no denying that there has been a shift in men’s casual shoes recently. More and more guys choose to wear their sneakers in a more dressy style.


Rather than wearing your dressy leather loafers and lace up boot, guys are opting to wear mens sneakers with outfits that they’d usually choose to dress up.


 With this shift becoming more common amongst women’s everyday shoe fashion, it's no surprise that guy’s fashion has followed suit!


However, if you are new to this ever loved leather slip trend, fear not, although trying out recent trends can be overwhelming, this one should not!


Take a leaf out of the ladies book and start embracing these trendy men’s casual classic leather and start wearing your sneakers to more than just the gym!


Read on, and we will show you exactly how you can do so without making a considerable outfit statement. Trust us. Once you give these men’s comfort casual shoes a try, you will understand why more guys lean towards men’s casual sneakers for everyday wear.


When We Say Start Wearing Your Sneakers To More Than Just The Gym, We Don’t Quite Mean Literally!


No, we don’t mean to pair up your sweaty gym trainers with your weekend outfit, we’re talking about men’s casual footwear sneaker styles, and yes, that definition is quite broad. Many sneakers are defined as men’s athletic shoe.


We’ve done the hard work for you. We have broken down the different types of sneakers and will show you the best way to wear these men’s casual mens running shoes!



  • Black Leather Sneakers



Or in this case, black ‘leather-look' sneakers, at Spendless Shoes; our guy’s sneakers are, in fact, vegan friendly.


This smooth synthetic fabric is hardwearing and durable for any occasion and whatever the weather, and all for a quarter of the price of genuine leather casuals. So trust us when we say you can’t go past our leather-look sneakers!


These sneakers have come a long way in the fashion world and have evolved into their category of mens tennis shoes!


These sneaker styles are classic mens footwear with their low-line, lace-up design, and all-black appearance, these small details all play a part in their street appeal. The beauty of these sneakers is their versatility; the smooth leather-look disguises the sneakers casualty.


So whether you choose to wear these mens relaxed fit as weekend kick-about sneakers or dressed up with slim-legged chinos, regardless, these sneakers will work wonders in your wardrobe!


These sneakers sit somewhere between casual and smart casual men’s driving shoes, so if you pick up the right pair, there are just about no rules about how you can wear these leather-look sneakers.


These sneakers can be worn year-round with chino style shorts and linen shirts through the summer months. Through winter, pair them with your slim-legged denim jeans, a long line tee and throw a bomber jacket over the top for a relaxed weekend look.


Although, as we said, these sneakers are not limited to your weekend wardrobe only! Don’t be afraid to wear these men’s casual boots to special events. Try pairing these all-black sneakers with your slim-legged chinos and a shirt.


Your options are endless with these men’s boat shoes! The main key point to remember is to wear these sneakers with invisible socks; you can pick up a pair of these handy socks at checkout of your next purchase at Spendless!



  • Coloured Men’s Casual Shoes



White sneakers are a must-have in any guys wardrobe in colours available. However, most of you probably already have a pair of these popular slim-lined styles, so why not try branching out to different colours?


It pays to experiment with your men’s lace up shoe, and isn’t this a great way to test?

Step aside from black and white men’s lace up sneakers and branch out with shades of navy blue, deep green, brown tones of tan and beige, and simple greys.


These colourful styles are perfect for your relaxed weekend wear! These men's casual shoes feature a white sole, making these sneakers even more comfortable and versatile.


So, you can guarantee that you will have no trouble pairing these sneakers into your wardrobe with your weekend favourites.


Pair these men's leather casual shoes  with slim-legged denim jeans, a simple tee or jumper and throw a denim jacket over the top, and you’ll be on your way!



  • High-Top Sneakers



High-tops are sneakers that cover your ankles, and they usually fall into two categories, ‘thin high-tops’, which is like our classic canvas high-top sneaker, and ‘mid-high tops’, which is a chunkier and a more athletic style sneaker.


The great thing about these mens basketball shoes  is the fact that you can pick up different styles of high-top sneakers.


So, whether you are looking for the classic basketball high-top sneaker or the stylish all-star style high-top, and then we’ve got you covered!


The classic all-star style high-top sneakers are a classic 80s style that will never go out of style and can be incorporated into any guys individual style.


High-tops with jeans is a classic go-to look. Simply throw these high-tops on with your slim-legged denim jeans. Ripped jeans always look great with this edgy style, pair with a relaxed tee and denim jacket for a classic weekender vibe.


Again, just like our coloured sneakers, our high-top styles feature a white sole, making these styles more relaxed, so you can seamlessly pair these men’s mens sport shoes with any classic simple looks you have in mind!


Our one tip with these men’s casual shoes is: do not tuck your jeans into these high-top styles!


If you are on the hunt for a new pair of men’s casual shoes, then why not give our sneakers a try? These versatile sneakers are handy to have in your wardrobe, and we guarantee that you will be wearing these styles more than you ever thought possible!


Jump online to the Spendless website and pick up a pair of new mens shoes today. Take advantage of our express shipping option and spend no extra cash on shipping when you meet our spending minimum.


Take your look to the next level and find out why more guys wear men’s slip on shoes every day!