Why Our Boys’ School Shoes Are Best!

Finding the best boys’ school shoes is essential because your son’s performance in the classroom and on the playground depends on them. 


The wrong ones can impact their learning experience negatively, and their foot health can suffer. Some of the effects of ill-fitting shoes include blisters, hammertoes, and other deformities that can be permanent.


With your child’s foot development continuously happening until puberty, their feet are malleable and can be affected easily. 


Besides, your lifestyle is also affected if you’ve spent longer hours in the morning trying to get your child to wear their shoes without complaint. Those precious minutes could’ve been spent in bed, getting that extra snooze.


And so, you’ve been searching relentlessly for the best new school shoes around. Have you been successful?


You're on the right track if you’ve made it to this article. Spendless New Zealand’s collection of school shoes is the best because it has the welfare of the children in mind. 


Discover why this huge range of footwear is top-tier in providing children with comfort and support. Let’s start!


1. They have adjustable fastenings.


With the extreme and ever-changing weather in New Zealand, they must provide the children with security and adjustability. 


There may be instances when your child would prefer to loosen or tighten the fit, so having a fastening is critical.


Spendless NZ uses two kinds of fastenings for its collection: touch-fastening straps and laces. Discussing each in detail will help you decide which is better for your child.


Touch-fastening Straps


The first kind of fastening is ideal for younger students because locking it is achievable by pressing two nylon strips together. 


Once your child secures them, they can run and play with their friends. The fastening’s two nylon strips, one with hooks and the other with loops connect and lock when pressed.


While locking the fasteners is easy, prying them open will require force. You will know the straps are falling because of the loud, distinctive noise. 


This noise is one of the disadvantages of wearing them with touch-fastening straps because it can be distracting and annoying for your child and the people nearby.


Of the two fastenings, the straps are dependent on the footwear. Once they end their life, you must replace them with a new pair. 


The adhesion of the straps wears out after reaching the maximum number of times for closing and opening the nylon strips.


The straps’ adhesion is robust, which can have positive and negative outcomes. It’s good because it will keep the shoes secure. 


However, it’s disadvantageous because it quickly catches dirt and lint, diminishing adhesion. It also latches on various materials, which they can destroy once you pull the strap off.




If the straps are dependent, the laces are the opposite. This fastening is independent of the shoes, so you can clean and replace them separately. Laces are cords or strips you need to weave through the footwear’s eyelets. 


Adjustability is better with laces because you can control the fit depending on how you put them through the holes of the shoes. And there are several ways available!


Since there’s no need to replace the entire footwear, it pays to keep an extra pair of laces from Spendless NZ to use once the laces are beyond repair. 

The only disadvantage with shoes that use laces is that they can come undone accidentally and may cause your child to trip and slip.


2. They use excellent materials.


The materials used in making the school shoes play a massive role in keeping your child comfortable and supported. Spendless NZ uses the best kinds available: leather and vegan-friendly. 


With the erratic weather in the country, your child’s shoes should withstand the natural elements.


Leather is an excellent material that provides breathability and insulation. When the weather is warm, the shoes must be capable of allowing airflow. Air circulation keeps the sweat out and keeps your child’s feet fresh all day. 


On the one hand, keeping their feet warm is a top priority once the temperature dips, which makes insulation in shoes essential. 


The foot is an accessible entryway for the cold to enter, and once it does, your child’s immunity may weaken, making them sick.


Meanwhile, vegan-friendly shoes use synthetic materials that make the footwear durable. Ensuring your child wears long-lasting footwear is the best way to keep them safe while out of sight. 


They can play and join activities without worrying that their shoes will break. Plus, vegan-friendly materials are cruelty-free and environment-friendly, so you can also help the environment!


3. They are stylish.


Children start developing their tastes at some point, preferring to choose their clothes and shoes. 


The style is critical for them, especially what their peers think. The kind of footwear they wear can affect their self-esteem and confidence. 


If their classmates and friends disapprove of the style, your child’s academic experience can be affected. They may choose not to join the games, worried that people will make fun of them.


Thankfully, the Spendless NZ shoes are the best in all aspects, especially style. 


Your son can choose from pull-on boots, double straps, lace-up styles for their regular footwear, sneakers, or trainers for sports and PE classes. 


These timeless shoes are a crowd favourite, so you can ensure your child remains confident and involved.


4. They are affordable.


Some parents resort to second-hand shoes to save money. But why do that when you have Spendless NZ and its affordable academic footwear?


The brand has flexible payment systems that allow you to purchase now and pay in instalments later. Parents stay within the budget and still have extra to spend on other academic needs for their little ones.


Get the Best Kids' School Shoes for Your Child!


As a parent, you want only the best for your child, including their footwear. Consider purchasing a pair of shoes from Spendless, which they stock in a wide size range. You can visit the store near you or shop online for convenience.


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