Why Sandals Are A New Zealand Summer Staple

The Essential Summer Shoes 

Looking for a stellar set of women's sandals? End your search at Spendless Shoes! Our fearlessly fun lineup has all the latest looks and trends so that you can update your wardrobe with something amazing! Plus, at affordable prices like ours, there's no excuse for waiting. Ready to sneak a peek at your next women's sandals? Here is a look at your options!

We do we love women's sandals?

For one thing, they're an unbeatable shoe style once the weather starts heating up for real. You're guaranteed to hit a point in the season where the thought of putting socks on makes you want to cry a little. Since the key to the perfect shoes on a blisteringly hot day is breathability, our women's sandals are the ideal candidate!

Slide into an instant sensation

If we had to pick a design of the year for casual summer wear, then our slip-on women's sandals would be a favourite contender. It's hard to argue against such versatile and gorgeous looks, after all! At Spendless Shoes, we love so many of these shoes, but here are some of our favourites:

Sweet and strappy

Women's sandals like these help lengthen your legs and calves for a flattering figure. These will make a knockout pairing with dresses and skirts. As a party style, there is no better option! At Wildfire, you can have your choice of either a free lace-up design or strappy women's sandals with buckled fastenings.

Otherwise, some of our crisscrossed and horizontally strapped slides could put a smile on your face this season too!


One of our top picks for women's sandals is a style that you can also find in our children's and women's sections. Birkenstock-inspired women's sandals are some of the best in our range! Fun and versatile, these slides can be dressed up as you like, or help bring a relaxed vibe to an already cool casual getup.

Need a formal style?

Our diamante and rhinestone-covered looks would work beautifully! The dressiest women's sandals from Spendless Shoes are a masterful pick for ladies who need something more formal than a pair of beach thongs or flip-flops, but who can't stand the thought of dealing with anything more enclosed. More than any other style, our women's sandals are glammed up with metallic beads and bars, glinting diamantes and rhinestone embellishments, flowerets, laser cut-outs, and glittery finishes.

What could be better down at the beach?

Our women's sandals are a non-negotiable pair for anyone who plans to spend their season soaking up the sunshine or cooling off in the surf.

First, we have our PVC women's sandals (also called flip-flops, jandals, and thongs). These waterproof slides are flexible, weigh almost nothing, and are an enduring classic go beachgoers. Brushing sand off and peeling away seaweed will be no issue, and where thicker shoes could take an age to dry, these women's sandals can dry off in the sun or even on your feet while you walk if it's warm enough.

Next, we have our women's sandals. These got modelled in the image of reef-walkers, with their thicker and grooved tread bringing excellent grip, and touch-fastening straps keeping feet secure and comfortable inside.

Are you ready to find your dream match?

Spendless Shoes has a fantastic new lineup of women's sandals, and they're all waiting for you! Browse our styles online today— the website is easy to navigate, delivery is fast, and you have all the information you need at your fingertips! If you want women's sandals to take on the summer in, then it's time to shop at Spendless Shoes!