Why Sandals Are So Popular In New Zealand!

Jandals Perfect For All Your Summer Needs

At Spendless Shoes, we have a fantastic line-up of styles for our New Zealand shoppers, but we want to focus in on one hot design: jandals. These are the comfortable and summery shoes that we can’t get enough of in 2019. With an array of excellent options and affordable prices for all our shoes, why wouldn’t you get on-trend in a new pair of jandals?

Why are these such a popular pick?

Versatility is the real reason that jandals are so prevalent in New Zealand. With such a diverse range available at Spendless Shoes, people can find styles that appeal to their aesthetic easily. These sorts of shoes are also incredibly easy to dress up or down depending on the occasion, so your jandals can suit every setting imaginable. Besides— they’re comfortable! What’s not to love?

Which jandals should you have this season?

Men, women, and kids have their pick of the lot with jandals! If you’re on the hunt for a casual pair, then we have easy slides, sling-backs, buckled styles, and everything in between. Colours and materials are no stress either. Browse the full collection online for your perfect pick, or come and see us in-store!

Now, here’s a look at some of our niche jandals:

Need something water-resistant?

Since we’re well into the depths of summer, we thought it might be a good time to showcase some of our best beach jandals too. These are our waterproof kinds, are quick to get on and off, and should be a go-to for beach and pool goers, or anyone who wants an easy style when the weather heats up. They’re lightweight, flexible, and you can rinse seaweed or sand off of these jandals again and again. On swelteringly hot days, these thongs and flip-flops will be a blessing for sweaty feet.  

With shoes like these, you can keep them where you need them most. Our water-ready jandals won’t mind living by the backdoor or in a bag somewhere, and they don’t take much space. Love the idea of a spontaneous trip to the seaside? Keep a spare pair in your car!

How about our excellent wedding styles?

If you have a casual or outdoor wedding, then jandals could be the perfect option!

Ladies can treat themselves to the best-feeling wedding shoes and elegant aesthetic with our dressy jandals. Styles with self-tie straps are a natural pair with short bridal dresses that showcase legs. Simple sling-back styles come in a vast range of variations, and with decorations including large rhinestones, glittering trim, pearl beading, and more! Otherwise, our sensational slides will be an instant fit.

Men will love the cosy feel and smooth look of their wedding jandals too. Our top pick is Birkenstock-inspired styles, as they’ve been a huge hit this season. With their dual buckled uppers and a padded sole, these bring an expert fusion of functionality and aesthetics. Plus, jandals can look great with suit pants or shorts.

Tourists love them too!

Since we’ve said a bit about why the locals love their flats, we thought it might pay to mention visitors as well. New Zealand is a hot spot for visitors while the weather is fair, and it’s not hard to see why! Jandals are a comfy option for travels, especially if they’re sick of wearing sneakers and trainers on their holidays. Fun, fashionable, and suitable for hours of continuous walking, jandals are an obvious pick for travellers!

Ready to select your next set?

Hop online now! New Zealand customers will enjoy the simple layout of our website and the fast shipping of our orders. With an array of jandals at your fingertips, there’s never been a better time to shop the style at Spendless Shoes!