Why Stilettos Remain A Classic Trend In The World Of Fashion

A Classic Trend In The World Of Fashion

It's strange to think about all the ways stilettos and other heels have impacted us over the years. We have so many options nowadays when it comes to shoes, that the idea of having one or two styles dominating a decade can seem a little bizarre. Today, Spendless Shoes wants to give you a quick blast from the past, and have a good look at the history of stilettos and other heels.

Why do we call these heels "stilettos"?

Believe it or not, there is still some debate to be had about this. Some people suggest that stilettos got their name from the Italian word "stilo", which means knife or dagger (which looks like the long and thin heel). On the flipside, others claim that "stilettos" come from the Greek word for pillar: "stylos".

How did the first stilettos and heels look?

Some of the earliest heels and platform shoes were an attempt to keep feet and clothes from dragging in the dirt or mud. These were big, clunky, and made of wood or cork and other such materials.

Another variation was the Persian equestrian heel, which was supposed to help men get their feet into the right position on the stirrups.

As royalty and nobility around the globe popularised the styles, however, designs for stilettos shifted from practical to fashionable. There were even rigid social rules surrounding who could wear what kind of stilettos.
King Louis XIV of France (the original Louboutin) was one such ruler. Heels were still considered to be fair-game between genders at that point, and he made a point of barring anyone but the nobility from wearing heels or stilettos of certain colours.

Stilettos have undergone so many transitions it is hard to keep track, now that looks are being updated yearly instead of over decades.

The cycle of fashion

That is not to say that stiletto styles stay down, of course. There is the nostalgia factor that causes designs to appear back again every thirty or so years, but also the combined pressure of consumers demanding exciting and unique looks.

Even in 2018, we still see plenty of vintage styles that get revamped, experiencing a resurgence of popularity shortly after. Just look at how quickly kitten heels came back, accompanied by their old friend; the sling-back ankle strap. These are two gorgeous variants of stilettos that have made a big statement this year, with their popularity set to peak over spring and summer.

What sets stilettos apart from regular heels?

There are plenty of other great shoe designs in the world, but when it comes to eye-grabbing fashion statements, stilettos have never lost their crown. These tall and slender heels can impact your posture, posterior, and your confidence in one. Not only do these heels can also change your stride to appear more alluring, but they also make you taller. Like it or loathe it, stilettos are an icon of femininity and expected at most formal occasions and settings.

Why we still love them

Spendless Shoes is no stranger to stilettos either. With thirty years of experience under our belt, we have seen many variations come and go. Stilettos remain a top pick year in and year out for weddings, birthdays, functions, work wear, and much more! These are an enduring favourite, with new designs stepping into the limelight every season.

So, why wait?

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