Why The Block Heel Will Always Be A Wardrobe Staple!

No wardrobe could be complete without a pair of block heels! Let Spendless Shoes tell you why! Today, we’ll discuss all the reasons why you should be looking for a new pair of block heels before anything else.

Block heels are, by far, the most comfortable type of platform!


While stilettos are beautiful, comfort block heels will always win out in comfort and support. The thick base of their sturdy block heels provides better balance for the person wearing them, whereas skinny pumps only and stiletto heels offer a tiny point of stability.


The fact that wide fit block heels have a larger surface area also means that they spread your body weight evenly, reducing the risk of muscle strain or discomfort from building up. Not only is it easier to walk, stand, and dance in your supportive block heels, but you can also trust them to take care of you for longer than stilettos and heeled pump.


If you’re planning an outfit for a long event like a wedding, work function, birthday party, or other special occasions, then these are the squared toe platforms you can count on to see you through to the end! Now, what else should you know about our block heels?


Spendless Shoes has platforms in every height, so you can always pick a pair that suits you the best! We tend to bring our favourite and most popular block heeled shoes out in a tall and short version so that our customers have the choice to go with high womens block heels or low heel pair (or both!).


Of course, a comfortable feel isn’t all to do with the height of the platform; the fit of your shoes is also essential. While there is a plethora of slide-on and flat shoes in our collection, many of our platforms come with buckled or self-tie straps. Don’t forget that most of our block heels have an adjustable fit or extended sizes too! Don’t forget that most of our block heels have an adjustable fit or extended sizes too!


Buckled fastenings are easy to adjust to the best fit, but self-tie straps offer the ideal comfort every time! Whenever you need to tighten, loosen, or rework your ankle ties to feel more secure and comfortable, you can make the corrections in seconds! How great is that?

They can dress up any date night outfit and make you look great!


When it comes to styling outfits with block heels, they can instantly lift any look. While block heels look right at home with all of your best formal attire, they are also a pretty match with casual clothes.


If you ever get the urge to dress up your favourite jeans-and-t-shirt look, then adding a pair of strappy heeled platforms will instantly make your ensemble feel more glamorous. If you want to keep things simple, then pick a shorter pair of block toe heels; they’ll be a cute touch to your outfit, but without drawing too much attention to themselves.


Are you worried that your block heels might look too bulky or heavy underneath your outfit? The higher you go, the more elegant your look will feel, so keep that in mind! If you’re wearing a sheer, form-fitting, or silky outfit, then a broad set of platforms might look clunky underneath.


Of course, Spendless Shoes has an easy alternative option for ladies who don’t want to wear stilettos to try instead. Our slim-sided block heels are the perfect substitute for flared heels styles! If you look at these shoes from the sides, they would be easy to mistake for toe pump.


But, once you glance at them from the back, and you’ll see that these have broad block heels after all. Since you can only view the entire width of the platform at certain angles, they won’t appear too heavy-set when you pair them up with tiny dresses and skimpy outfits.


Finally, remember that block heel shoes will flatter your figure every time you wear them! Regardless of how high or low your heel height are, their incline will define your leg muscles, make your legs look more slender, and complement your figure!


If you want to boost your height and confidence all at once, then a gorgeous pair of mid heel is the way to go!

Spendless Shoes has block heels for every season!


Sneak a peek at our selection of low block heel, and you’ll see both seasonal and trans-seasonal designs! Our minimalist low block with open backs and thin straps are ideal for the summer months since their breezy feel will keep you relaxed.


 Spendless has a vast range of boots for you to try for winter and autumn! These ankle-high, knee-high, and thigh-high block heels are the perfect pick during bitterly cold, windy, or stormy days. Not only do they have a more fashionable vibe than your typical flat ankle boots, but they also offer extra warmth and protection for your feet.


Then again, we know for a fact that our New Zealand customers appreciate our trans-seasonal block heels! Whether you live in Queenstown or Auckland, it’s typical to experience four seasons’ worth of weather in a single day.


Having block heels that you know can hold their own in rain or shine will help you step out with confidence! If you want the most trans-seasonal shoes, then we recommend something made with synthetic material.


The majority of our platform heeled come in synthetic leather material, which has excellent water resistance. This vegan-friendly material suede heel is also effortlessly easy to clean. If you want block heeled sandals that can last for years, then our synthetic styles are sure to satisfy you!


Of course, there are more than a few different types of materials on offer, and if you’d prefer a soft faux black heeled suede, trendy see-through finish, or shiny metallic finish, then you’ll adore all of your options!


Plus, with our enormous range of styles here to cater to your needs, you’re guaranteed to find a black patent that matches your aesthetic. There are so many fabulous black suede styles to see and try this season, so get on it!

Place an order for block court shoe heels today!


Spendless Shoes is the perfect place to buy platforms in 2021. While we have no physical stores over in New Zealand, we offer express delivery for our New Zealand customers. Our express shipping service is free for orders over $40, so you won’t have to pay extra for delivery. Isn’t that fantastic?


Come and find the block heels of your dreams today!