Why Women are so Obsessed with Ugly Casual Shoes

A range of styles come in and out of fashion when looking at women’s casual shoe trends. Some trends stay on trend, but others end up falling off the bandwagon. However, a particular range of women’s casual shoe is becoming popular again, despite not being the most trendy-looking kicks. 


This trend includes ugly women shoes. There are plenty of girls obsessed with these kicks styles and turn an ugly pair of shoes for women into an on-trend look. There are styles amongst the ugly women’s casual shoes range that girls are wearing this season.


If you feel adventurous (which many New Zealand girls are), you will love to test out some of these unique styles. Take a read below of the popular styles of ugly women shoes that make their mark in the fashion world. You might find a new pair of kicks that you love!


Style 1 – Flatforms


One style of ugly women’s casual shoes making their way into the fashion scene are flatforms. These kicks are a combination of platform low heel and flip flops. We saw this trend gain popularity in the ’90s, where chunky soles were a big fashion statement.


Now, this trend is coming back into fashion but, many girls classify these kicks as ugly. Even if they do look ugly so, many girls are turning these into a fashionable trend. Flatforms are perfect for warmer weather because it is good to use during trail running and you can enjoy the summer breeze against your skin without any worries.


You get the benefits of height with these kicks, as well as the breathability and flexibility that the classic flip flops would offer. These women shoes may not be the style for everyone, but those girls who are making it trendy again are doing it so well.


If you feel keen to try out these shoes for women, be warned that you may fall in love with them. They may get classified as ugly, but they are super comfy and making their way back into the fashion scene as we speak.


Style 2 – Chunky Sneakers


Do you own a pair of chunky casual sneakers? If you are nodding yes, you may be surprised to read that they are known as an ugly style of women shoes. These women’s casual shoes are well-known as the ‘dad casual sneakers’ because of the design of the womens footwear.


Many male casual sneakers feature simple colours with lots of supportive and comfortable amenities. The chunky sneaker style of women shoes takes inspiration from the male version of these kicks, which is why they have such a bad reputation.


But there is hope! Girls are allowing these chunky casual sneakers to make a comeback within the fashion world. These womens footwear get styled with laidback tracksuits and crop tops or oversized t-shirts with bike shorts.


They are becoming the best style of women’s casual shoe to wear, even if they are a little ugly. These women’s casual shoe are perfect to wear throughout any season of the year as well, so you can get the most out of these chunky casual sneakers.


Style 3 – Toe-ring Sandals


Check out these ugly women’s casual shoes! That is right, and we are talking about the toe-ring leather sandals. These leather sandals are a new fashion trend trying to take the classic design of leather sandals to the next level. The toe ring is a unique addition to this womens footwear.


But many girls think this trend is leaning more towards the ugly side of things. The toe-ring leather sandals may come across tacky or weird to wear, which is why some girls are hesitant to try out these kicks. But they are becoming a trendy style of womens footwear to be a worthwhile investment.


These toe-ring leather sandals are perfect for the warmer weather; because you can easily slip in and out of them. This tip is ideal for when you are at the beach, trail running, doing outdoor play and activity trackers, or playing in the park and want to dip your feet into the salty ocean water.


The toe-ring leather sandals are a women’s casual shoe style that you could bring back to life within the fashion world. These kicks are perfect to wear if you want to try something new.


Style 4 – Loafers


Now, you may be surprised to see loafers listed in the ugly women’s casual shoe section. These are very trendy styles of womens footwear that girls love to wear, but there is a range of mixed reviews. These mixed reviews make loafers a different type of women’s casual shoe that a few girls would reach for. When they choose to wear these kicks, it is usually used as dress shoes to a formal or corporate setting. 


Loafers are everyday essentials, perfect to wear to a day full of work. Whether that is spent in the office or if you are in and out of meetings all day, you can trust that a pair of loafers will have you sorted.


These are classified as ugly because they look very similar to ‘grandma’ kicks. They are assimilated with the idea of being a style of women’s casual shoes for elderly females, which is why younger females are hesitant to wear them and find them ugly. 


If you are up for the challenge and want to break the stigma, then trying out a pair of loafers will be a fun experiment.


Style 5 – Combat Boots


Feast your eyes on a pair of combat casual boots. This women’s casual shoe style is becoming much more popular again after having a small hiatus within the fashion world. 


One issue with their comeback is that many girls find them quite ugly and not as flattering to wear. The idea of these women shoes is to channel a grungy and edgy look that not many other pairs of womens footwear can offer. Unfortunately, many girls find that these combat casual boots are still ugly women’s casual shoes even with this look in mind. But they are making their way back into the fashion scene, and we have the perfect styling tips for you. 


Combat casual boots look great with an all-black outfit or some funky colours available pants and cute crop tops. These kicks are versatile in getting worn, perfect for girls who love to be adventurous with their styling options. So take the challenge and try out these ugly women shoes with your next fit. You may fall in love with them!


Style 6 – Buckle-up Slides


The Birkenstocks range of womens footwear inspires the buckle-up slides and slip on shoes. They offer comfortable and easy-to-wear slides and slip on shoes but have gained a reputation for being an ugly design of womens footwear. 


Girls are trying to bring back these women’s casual shoes, but there are mixed reviews. If you find that these buckle-up slides and slip on shoes are trendy, then you will love to wear them to a day at the beach.


You can easily slide these on and off your feet, which is perfect for when you want to run straight into the water or for trail running. On the other hand, if you are sitting on the fence about trying out these women shoes, then now is the time to bite the bullet and go straight into trying them out.   


Are You Feeling Inspired To Turn Ugly Kicks Into Fashionable Looks?


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