Why you should pick up sandals this summer

Pick Up A Pair Of Sandals This Summer 


So, it is time to start shoe shopping for the summery weather. At Spendless Shoes, you have your pick of the best styles for the warmer months. We could tell you all about our latest summer wedges, or the new kinds of jandals you can buy from us online, but today we would prefer to talk about sandals. Specifically, we want to tell you why you should look to buy more sandals this summer. These are unsung heroes of the summertime, and it is time they got some of the recognition they deserve. Now, let’s get to it!


Wear them to more places


Yes, we know jandals are comfy, easy to slip on, and blessedly water-proof. But believe it or not, there are some situations where opting for jandals over sandals makes you look tacky instead of laidback. With sandals, you get points for extra style and still maintain the effortless wear of your favourite beach shoes. Many of our sandals, whether for adults or kids, are comfortable slide-on styles. They are fast to get on an off if you are in a rush, or if it is too hot to be bothered struggling with straps and buckles. Plus, you can wear them to the shops, the beach, or just out and about without worrying about being judged for your footwear choices.


Styles for men


Gentlemen, with Spendless Shoes, you have your pick of the bunch. We have sandals for anyone and everyone.


For a casual and stylish option, we have Birkenstock-style sandals. These come with the classic double buckled straps, a formed footbed for comfort, and a leather sock. In the summer, these will be great every-day sandals to slip inside.  


Need shoes with sturdy soles when you trek across the rocks, reef, or through the undergrowth? At Spendless, we have sandals with thick soles that are up to the task. With bottom grip built for excellent traction and velcro straps for an adjustable fit, you can endure whatever your day brings underfoot.


Plus, your sandals will also not get as smelly after a long day of wear. Since the gaps leave feet room to breathe, they should not sweat as much and retain less foot odour.


For the ladies


Women’s sandals have the most variation in the range. We have styles with wedge heels, toe-bar straps, tie-up laces, mule straps, ones that slide on, and some that have velcro or buckle fastenings. You can find them in silver, gold, rose gold, black, tan, white, pink, red, or in with patterned or multi-coloured finishes.


These are perfect for a day of fun, sun, and sand, and as an everyday casual option. Some of our strappy sandals would even make good shoes for a night out with the girls.


Sandals are the perfect shoes for kids


They are partially enclosed and fasten with velcro straps. Not only does this make them suitable for the playgrounds, but it also sets them up for fun summer wear. These are light, flexible, and excellent for developing feet. We know how much kids love bright colours and patterns on their shoes, which is why our sandals for younger customers come with splashes of vibrant colour, or with little decorative details.


Like our adult styles, many of the sandals come with velcro straps. These velcro straps make sandals easier for kids to put on by themselves, stay secure while they are on, and to adjust the fit as their feet keep on growing.


Will you be picking up a pair this year?


At Spendless Shoes, we have the best range of sandals to fit the whole family this summer. Get the look for less when you shop with Spendless Shoes.