Winter Boots Perfect For Any Queenstown Resident!

Every Girl Needs That Perfect Pair Of Winter Boots


Listen up, Queenstown residents! From everyday pull-on styles to glamorous zip-up designs, Spendless Shoes brings the best-loved Winter boots of 2019 and beyond.


With so many options at your fingertips, it can be hard to try and narrow down the options for your ideal pair. Today, we’re here to give you a more in-depth look at our main styles of Winter boots. We’ll give you a little taste of our latest and greatest to help you on your way, as well as some hot tips for the settings and occasions to wear them.


Have fun with our shorter styles


Ankle-high winter boots are an excellent option if you are frequent at music concerts, outdoor festivals, and similar events. Our Winter boots have tough tread that can handle muddy lawns and slippery rock paths. Pull-on styles are essential if you want something easy to get in and out of quickly. Or, for a bold and edgy statement, laced biker and combat Winter boots could be the way to go. You’ll be especially thankful for our more robust material finishes when you can’t feel people stepping on your toes too.


Read to go all-out?


Then again, if you get a depressing forecast and anticipate horrible weather, then the winter boots you’ll love best might be wellies. Yes, we’re recommending rain and gumboots to wear at outdoor venues this winter. A massive part of the appeal is the practicality— if bad weather has ever ruined your favourite set of shoes, then you are sure to appreciate waterproof pairs. Since they’re tall, you get extra cover as a bonus. If you’re game enough to try them, styling your rain-ready winter boots can lead to some cool outfit choices as well.


They don’t have to be flats


Heels might seem like a tricky addition to winter boots if you want to wear them in rainy and windy weather, but we have cleverly designed styles at Spendless Shoes that make things easy. For one thing, every kind of heel on our winter boots is either a wedge, platform or block heel. To maximise stability and support, you won’t find skinny stiletto points on any of our styles. This way, you can enjoy shoes that give you a nice boost in height without needing to worry about slipping or sliding on wet surfaces.


Long winter boots add the ‘wow’ factor


The tallest of our winter boots go either below the knees or above them. Since they’re long and keep your legs warm, you could use these as an excuse to wear shorter playsuits, shorts, skirts, and dresses despite the cold. So, which beautiful style will appeal to you?


Our knee length winter boots get finished in glossy synthetic leather. We have designs with fabric cuffs at the top, fashionable buckles and faux fur lining. That means you’re sure to find something that will slip seamlessly into your current wardrobe.


If you love soft faux suede material, then our gorgeous tallest winter boots are a natural choice. Then, there are heeled thigh-highs. If you want shoes that will make people stop and stare, then it’s time you tried over-the-knee winter boots with block heels. Winter boots in this design are unbelievably comfortable, perfect for parties and special occasions, and look flawless.


Which style will you be taking home?


One thing that our range guarantees you is choice. Whatever aesthetic you emulate in your cold-weather wardrobe, we have the winter boots to satisfy everyone. Even if you shop online, our friendly team members are never far away if you have questions or need help. Find your perfect winter boots at Spendless Shoes now!