Women’s Boots That Are The Perfect Addition To Any Wardrobe!

Finding The Right Pair Of Boots


When it comes to finding the ideal women’s boots, you’ll want to explore the fashion and function of your chosen styles. At Spendless Shoes, we strive to create looks that bring the best mix of both. Today, we’ve singled out a few unique women’s boots that can make all the difference this season! So, are you ready to get started?


Do you need women’s boots that can brighten up your cold-weather wardrobe?


To begin, we have to recommend some leopard print for your collection this season! With a warmly-toned based and eye-grabbing look, our wild women’s boots will bring energy and fun to any look. If you love leopard print and already have a top, coat, hair accessory, or even a phone case to match, then these shoes will pull the whole look together! These ankle-high block heels are also a fantastic fit for any occasion, as you can dress them up or down as you like.


If patterns aren’t your thing, then maybe you’ll consider a bold block-colour! Our vivacious red women’s boots are a must-have for anyone who loves to stand out and be daring. Why not give these a try instead?


Everyone should have at least one pair of over-the-knee women’s boots.


When you take these out, it’s less like wearing shoes and more like creating a spectacle. There’s a practical element to thigh-high styles, of course— since these women’s boots are made from warm faux suede and stretch high up the leg, you can opt to forsake leggings and tights without getting cold as a consequence. That leaves more room for you to experiment and play around with short-cut clothing in any season.


At Spendless Shoes, our over-the-knee women’s boots come as flats or block heels. For regular day-to-day wear, we suggest you go with the former. However, our heeled women’s boots give excellent balance and will make a lovely party pair anytime!


Since we’re heading into wintertime, we have two kinds of women’s boots that you ought to welcome into your collection.


The first are slippers, and the second are something waterproof!


At Spendless Shoes, we have a niche collection of snuggly and fluffy slippers. The spongey sole is thick enough to go outside (or make a mercy-dash down to the shops) when you need it to, but these indoor women’s boots will feel right at home curled up on the couch or in bed. After a long day at work or when your feet are freezing, there’s nothing as satisfying as sliding into our fur-lined women’s boots. If you want to treat yourself to luxury and comfort this season, then uggs and slippers are the way to do it!


Rain-ready women’s boots are go-to shoes when the weather turns. Whether you want to embrace your inner child and stomp through puddles, or you’re thoroughly sick of water damage ruining your newest shoes, our waterproof women’s boots can help. Nothing beats a classic black finish, but we have some trendy plaid and leopard-spotted patterns to see you through the storms too. That’s not to say that these women’s boots can only get used in winter. Since their waterproof material is quick to rinse off and clean, these can be perfect shoes to take out in the garden, shed, or somewhere dusty.


Will you be grabbing some of these wonderful women’s boots?


This little guide only teases at the styles available from Spendless Shoes. For a glimpse at the rest of the range, jump online and have a look. We offer express shipping services to New Zealand, so you can get your next women’s boots as soon as you need them!