Women’s Casual Shoes Perfect for Travelling

Today is packing day, and your luggage is open and still empty on the floor. All the clothes you want to take with you are on the floor beside it, waiting for you to decide and place them inside. What’s taking you so long to move?

You’re concerned because you’re off to a much-awaited two-week vacation but don’t know which clothes to take. How about we start with your women’s casual shoes first? The rest will be a breeze once you decide which footwear to pack. 

Your casual shoes must match all your clothes, so you need stylish and versatile ones. They must be practical because you’ll wear them day in and day out for the next fourteen days, as well as all the sightseeing tours and night excursions you meticulously planned. Most importantly, they must be comfortable so that you can enjoy yourself and have fun.

With little time left before you leave, let’s focus on the best brand that accompanies travellers everywhere—Spendless New Zealand! If we account for the many places that Spendless NZ’s women’s casual shoes have travelled to, we might need a globe. Ladies enjoyed every culture, food, and sight they tried because they were entirely into it. The footwear ensured nothing could distract them from having the best time. Among all the options at Spendless NZ, we’d love for you to travel with any from the walking sneakers collection. Why so? Read on to learn more!


What Are Walking Sneakers?


Spendless NZ has three categories for its sneakers: walking, trainers, and sports luxe. While all the brand’s sneakers are excellent women’s casual shoes with unique merits, walking sneakers are best for travelling. 

Wearing the proper footwear ensures you remain cosy and healthy during your trip. When travelling, the only thing you’ll be doing is walking all day (and night) daily, likely exceeding 10,000 steps each time. 

As such, flexible casual shoes are in order. Besides keeping you cosy for long hours of walking, Spendless NZ’s walking sneakers are easy to pack. Every traveller’s dream is to have enough space in the luggage for other things. More importantly, this footwear is typically lightweight, keeping your luggage within the weight limit while ensuring you don’t encounter foot fatigue or strain during the trip.


What Are the Options?


Knowing Spendless NZ, expect to find several women’s casual shoes you can take on your trip. The brand’s walking sneakers include slip-on and laced options. A cute and stylish one with a Mary Jane aesthetic is also in the mix. Please allow us to explore some options to make choosing your travel partner easy!

  • Get ready to take cute OOTD photos with Animate in some of the world’s most photogenic places. This footwear is one of the cosiest and cutest Spendless NZ walking sneakers! The round toe shape and strap across the instep remind you of the Mary Jane style. Moreover, these casual shoes have a stretchy fit, a mesh-like fabric for excellent air circulation, and supportive cushioned soles.
  • Be ready to explore within seconds because Renew walking sneakers are the best for early call times. If your travel itinerary is busy, you must prepare quickly to make it on time. These slip-on shoes make wearing effortless with pull tabs. The mesh-like outer material, round toes, and supportive soles make your trip hassle-free. These casual shoes are also ideal for strict airport security checks that need you to remove and wear your footwear. You won’t be holding up the queue without fastenings to deal with.
  • Universe from Spendless NZ’s walking sneakers collection provides a customisable fit thanks to its laced upper. These shoes are ideal for ladies who love the extra security that laces provide. During the day, you may wish to adjust the fit, loosening the footwear to give your feet some breathing space. These casual shoes also have excellent traction to keep you steady and stable.


Is Colour Significant?


Consider your luggage a smaller version of a capsule wardrobe, where each piece can match with all others. When choosing women’s casual shoes for trips, ensure that their shade is versatile and practical, primarily if your clothes cover a range of colours.

Spendless NZ’s walking sneakers are available in nine colours: black, blue, green, grey, natural, pink, purple, red, and white. No other colour can multitask as efficiently as white. White women’s casual shoes can keep you comfortable without sacrificing cuteness in photos. Why do you think white sneakers are so in demand everywhere? You can wear these shoes with shorts and a comfortable shirt on long days of sightseeing and with pretty and flowy dresses for dinners and evening activities. Other clothing options you can pack and mix are overalls, leggings, skirts, and jeans.

Paradise from the Spendless NZ collection is a bliss to wear during trips abroad. These casual footwear are lightweight and flexible, ensuring optimal comfort for your feet. The slip-on wear makes wearing easy, while the elasticised straps secure the footwear without putting any pressure on your feet. More importantly, they look gorgeous and will complete every travel outfit.


Caring for Your Travel Footwear


The tell-tale sign that a fun and memorable trip has ended is luggage filled with dirty clothes. You’re back home and trying to unpack with a heavy heart. But before returning to your usual routine, clean your women’s casual shoes well. After two weeks, they likely have the scuffs and marks of well-travelled footwear.

  • Clean your footwear with a damp towel. Do spot cleaning and remove the loose dirt on the soles and other crevices.
  • Dry them naturally before storing them. Add scrunched-up newspaper inside the shoes to hasten the process.
  • Reapply Spendless NZ’s stain and water protection spray to keep your casual shoes looking brand new.
  • While waiting for their next adventure, store your footwear in a shoe closet, rack, or bag. 


Explore the World With Women's Casual Shoes from Spendless NZ!


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