Women’s Casual Shoes That Are Perfect for Trans-seasonal Wear

Your search for women’s casual shoes you can use for the whole year ends at Spendless New Zealand. The brand understands the need for practicality and style and provides options to keep you looking and feeling great the entire year. There are indeed women’s casual shoes that you can only wear seasonally, such as sandals, so while Spendless NZ has an excellent sandal collection, we will leave them out in the meantime. Instead, we will focus on women’s casual shoes that are perfect for trans-seasonal wear. And Spendless NZ has a lot of that.

Why is there a growing need for women’s casual shoes you can wear all year? 

For starters, ladies seek versatile wardrobe items that offer functionality across different contexts. Finding something to wear is easier as you become more experimental with your looks, using the same women’s casual shoes for laidback and formal events. Secondly, a growing trend emphasises minimalism and sustainability, where the goal is to own fewer but more versatile and high-quality items. More importantly, investing in quality casual shoes that are suitable for wear throughout the year is more economical than purchasing multiple pairs of seasonal footwear. 

Discover the various Spendless NZ women’s casual shoes you can enjoy. We are excited about the different looks you can create and the occasions on which you can wear them. Let’s start!


Style 1—Flats


Invest in women’s casual shoes for work and other business functions all year. Spendless NZ’s flats, available in loafers and ballet flats, will change how you dress for work all year.

Either of these casual shoes deserves a spot in your closet, providing a steady source of style and comfort. Both offer easy wearability with their slip-on design. However, the main difference between the two is their build. Loafers are firmer and more robust, while ballet flats are lightweight and flexible. Because of their open-top design, you’d likely have second thoughts about wearing this footwear during the cold months of fall and winter. But that’s where the magic of layering comes in. Embrace the growing trend of wearing visible socks with loafers. Some even add tights and leggings before wearing the socks for warmth. One way to sport the combination is by pairing it with a dress. Wear a black monochromatic look for the office, such as a turtleneck sweater dress, tights, socks, and Spendless NZ’s chunky patent leather loafers. Panther is a pair of women’s casual shoes that can make your work colleagues take a second look. Complete the outfit with bold accessories such as a necklace or a colourful scarf.


Style 2—Sneakers


Ensure you wear women’s casual shoes all year that are perfect for your active lifestyle. Whether you’re travelling, going to the gym, or off to finish a long list of errands, no other option comes close to sneakers. These casual shoes are essential to every woman’s wardrobe. With versatility, comfort, and support as their top traits, sneakers are the best trans-seasonal wear for various physical activities and extended hours on your feet. 

At Spendless NZ, you can find three types of sneakers: walking, trainers, and sports luxe. Choose the best option based on your needs because these shoes are ideal for different activities. When styling sneakers, always leave space between them and your clothes to show a few centimetres of skin. Generally, let your pants, dress, skirt, or joggers end around or slightly above your ankles. This way, you can proudly showcase your gorgeous footwear. 

The beauty of having them is how effortless it is to wear them all year. From matching well with minidresses in the spring and summer to pairing them with layers of clothes during the cold months, wearing them is a breeze.

High-top sneakers are an excellent all-year option. Spendless NZ’s Raya offers laidback edginess, a tall design that reaches until your ankles, a lace-up feature for a customisable fit, and stylish contrasting stitches. These casual shoes come in various colours, but red is a must-have. Red sneakers are the best accessory for instant elevation. They will always be the accent piece that people will notice from afar.


Style 3—Boots

Boots are the perfect casual shoes for women to add to your wardrobe all year round. While some think these tall and warm options are only helpful in the cold months, they are trans-seasonal footwear that instantly adds fun and versatility to your vibe. Depending on how you style them, you can create season-friendly outfit combinations that will turn heads wherever you go.

There’s just something stunning about this footwear. It can be their shape, colour, shaft length, or heel height. Boots have the uncanny ability to make you look your best without even trying. In the warmer months, when outdoor music festivals and concerts attract a massive following, you’ll find ladies strutting their cosy boots. More importantly, ladies don this footwear to seek solace from the cold in winter. Besides making them look good, boots provide the warmth and coverage necessary to survive a New Zealand winter. With New Zealand’s erratic weather, some people joke that you can experience all seasons in one day, so it’s best to be ready for whatever the day brings with Spendless NZ’s boots

Three kinds exist at Spendless NZ—ankle, long, and knee-high. Choosing only one of these fantastic women’s casual shoes can be challenging because you must have them all! But Zipity is worth checking out. This flat ankle boot features chic gathered detailing that adds a modern twist to a timeless option. These shoes come with a functional side zipper that doubles as a stylish feature, a slight flair at the ankle, and a sleek, shiny finish—style Zipity with a vintage denim jacket, which you can remove when the temperature heats up.


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