Women's Casual Shoes That Won't Break the Bank!

If you're searching for women's casual shoes that won't break the bank, head to one place where everything you need is there—Spendless New Zealand. As practical shoppers, ladies need to budget their hard-earned money. But let's be clear when we say that affordable doesn't equate to low quality. 

The shoes at Spendless NZ are top-tier, giving you a bang for your buck. You get your money's worth because these shoes can take you to different places and events. In short, casual shoes for women are versatile if you know how to style them properly. 

Are you leaning towards a specific style, or do you still need a rundown of all the available kinds?

Either way, our team from Spendless NZ will give you a crash course on everything you need to know about the different kinds of women's casual footwear. So if you're ready to start, let's do it! But first, let's discuss what's available for you within a specific price range.  

Style 1 – Flats 

Ladies love wearing flats because these casual pairs keep their feet level and parallel to the ground. However, having your feet on steep inclines for most of the day can harm your overall health, affecting different body parts and causing you pain. 

Since fashion has evolved, wearing these casual women's shoes for most events has become more acceptable, especially with how stylish they've become.

The collection at Spendless NZ is a sight to see! Two kinds of flats are available—loafers and ballet flats—each with their own appeal. 

You can filter the options based on four price ranges: $20 - $30, $30 – $40, $40 - $50, and $50+. These casual women's pairs won't break the bank. 

The incredible thing about shopping for casual shoes for women at Spendless NZ is that they all come with quality, no matter the price. For instance, the styles available in the $20 - $30 range are in neutral colours like black, brown, natural, tan, vanilla, and white. 

Choosing from any of these women's casual footwear is a win because the shades can match whatever outfit you wear from your closet. 

Consider getting a pair of tan ballet flats with a pointed toe and a shiny outer material crimped around the top half. These women's casual footwear can take you to brunch, work, and even weekend outings, giving you so much for an affordable price!  

Style 2 – Sneakers 

Do you want to get your money's worth with a pair of trans-seasonal casual shoes for women? 

Transeasonal means you can wear it through all the seasons, unlike some footwear appropriate for select seasons only. Sneakers are women's casual footwear that you can wear all year, which is enough to make you feel like you're not wasting your money. 

Spendless New Zealand has three kinds of sneakers that cater to all aspects of your lifestyle: walking, trainers, and sports luxe. Like the flats, these women's casual footwear have four price ranges: $20 - $30, $30 – $40, $40 - $50, and $50+.

Of the three, sports luxe is the most expensive, available only within the price ranges: $30–40 and $50+. It's not surprising, though, since luxe comes from the word luxury. But given these women's casual footwear types and versatility, their reasonable price can elevate your looks effortlessly.

A perfect example of a pair of sports luxe sneakers that can change your look effortlessly is a natural-coloured one with a built-in wedge heel people can't see. 

People will wonder how you grew a few centimetres, not knowing it's your women's casual footwear. With a smooth finish and modern look, these sneakers deserve a space in your closet. 

Style 3 – Sandals 

You must buy a pair of sandals if you love hanging out by the beach or taking vacations to beautiful tropical islands. These women's casual pairs are the footwear you need when the weather's hot and humid. Nobody wants sweaty feet, and sandals have superior breathability.

These women's casual footwear have open toes and straps. The straps can be on the front, mid, ankles, or a combination. Spendless NZ has four categories available for sandals: comfort sandals, slides, thong sandals, and rubber thongs.

You'll be happy to discover that these women's casual pairs have five budget-friendly price ranges: $0 - $20, $20 - $30, $30 – $40, $40 - $50, and $50+.

Spendless NZ understands the need for people to shop within their means and provides options for those who need quality and affordable sandals. Ladies will adore one of the limited-edition sandals within the $0 - $20 range.

These women's casual footwear come in black with quilted material, stylish stitching, and metallic décor. These sandals use touch-fastening straps to seal the two horizontal straps across the feet and the back ankle strap. 

Wear these casual women's pairs when doing errands or having backyard barbeques with friends. 

Style 4 – Boots

 Boots have been a fashion staple, especially when temperatures dip. These women's casual footwear can make you look smashing without even trying. 

Some ladies cannot believe that something as good as boots comes at an affordable price. If you want to see to believe, head to Spendless NZ and admire the boots available: ankle, long, and knee-high.

These women's casual footwear styles provide varying warmth and coverage, depending on your chosen style. But the question at the back of everyone's mind is if they can afford these gorgeous styles. Yes, you can! Choose from the three price ranges within your budget: $30 – $40, $40 - $50, and $50+. 

Most of the boots are in the $50+ range, but you can take advantage of Spendless NZ's flexible payment systems, which allow you to purchase the women's casual pairs now and pay later. This way, you get to budget your money wisely.

We recommend the pair of vanilla combat boots that are so precious! These women's casual footwear has thick, supportive, chunky soles and durable outer material for autumn and winter. 

Get Your Money's Worth with Spendless NZ Casual Shoes! 

Shop for your dream women's casual shoes at Spendless NZ's affordable prices. Choose any of the styles shared and get your money's worth! Head to the nearest Spendless NZ retailer or online store.

Women can find a perfect pair of trendy, comfortable casual footwear at Spendless NZ. Compared to rivals such as Hush Puppies and Colorado, Spendless stands out by providing customers with the ideal pair of shoes for any event.

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