Women's Casual Shoes You Can Wear To Work!

Finding the perfect footwear for the office can be difficult for women. But, let's face it, men have nothing to worry about. All they have to do is choose a sleek pair of boots and call it a day. If only our mornings were just that easy!


Whatever your workplace and dress policies, it's always a struggle to find the perfect pair of women's casual shoes that you can wear to work. 


The options are endless, flat, high, open-toed, point-toed, lace-ups, buckles, and the list goes on. So, luckily for you, we're here to guide you through our range of women's casual footwear that are perfect for any workplace.


Whether you are on the hunt for a new pair of heels or ballet flats, we're sure you will find exactly what you're looking for at Spendless Shoes. So, without further delay, browse below, and let's get started!



If you don't feel quite right in a pair of flats, but don't feel up to wearing a pair of sky-high heels, then low heels are the footwear you've been searching for. 


Our low heels feature a heel short heel height that will still keep you feeling elevated and sophisticated yet still completely comfortable throughout the day. 


So, regardless if you sit at your desk for the majority of your day or if you run off your feet, we're sure you will find these women's casual pumps to be the perfect pick for the office.


The best thing about our low heels is our broad range. Our low heels can be found in various heel designs, such as block heels, low stiletto styles, wedges, and even cake stand heels. So get yours now a perfect pair of these low heels and ditch your old Hush Puppies pair.


These women's casual pumps come in a range of styles that make them the perfect footwear accessory all year round. Likewise, you can find our low heels in a range of fashionable styles, such as mules, slingbacks, points, square toe court shoes, strappy sandals, buckle-ups, and boots. 


Whatever style of heels you're searching for, we can guarantee that we have the perfect pair just for you. So feel free to fill in your shopping bag with our shoes and get some new styles other than Jane Debster.


Hurry! Don't go another day in a pair of uncomfortable high heels. Instead, jump online and head to our online store to find the perfect pair of low heels for work today!



Ballet flats are the ultimate work-shoe staple every lady needs in her wardrobe. Not on are they comfortable, but they are extremely versatile, meaning you can wear them outside of the office too. 


Just like our low heels, our ballet flats come in a range of colours, styles, and textures, meaning you will have no trouble finding the perfect pair of women's casual flats for work.


Style up any work outfit in a pair of our ballet flats, slip these babies on with just about any outfit, and you will be running out the door each morning in style. 


Better yet, with our year-round low prices, you won't resist picking up a pair of these women's casual flats to wear every day of the week.

We can guarantee that your colleagues will drool over your stylish footwear picks this season!



Next on our list of top picks for women's casual shoes for work would have to be the trendy loafer!


At Spendless, our loafers come in a range of colours, shapes, and sizes, making them one of the most versatile styles of footwear to hit our shelves. 


The great thing about these women's casual kicks is the fact that they are loved by most. In addition, this footwear style isn't age-limited, so no matter the age group, these women's casual kicks are a clear favourite amongst ladies of all ages.


Wherever your workplace, these flats will complete any work outfit!

If you are looking for a flat profile to rock in the office rather than a heel style, then our loafers are the kicks are you. 


Our classic loafers feature a higher front than your usual ballet flats and can be found with a range of detailing to suit, such as laser cutouts, chain detailing, or patent finishes.




Slide into a pair of open-back loafers instead; our slide-on loafers will still add just the right amount of sophistication to your work attire while remaining comfortable. 


Our slide-on loafers feature a gold gain detail across the front of the foot and an open back around the ankles, allowing your feet to breathe throughout the day. 


You can find our loafers in a selection of patent finishes, black and nude—the perfect hues for the office. So take this as a sign to take them to the checkout area at a great price.



When we said our loafers come in a range of styles, shapes and sizes, we truly meant it!


The newest member of our loafer collection is a chunky loafer; these casual shoes will add just the right amount of style and edge to your work wardrobe. 


Although they appear somewhat edgier than your traditional loafers, we're sure you will have no trouble pairing these women's casual footwear with your work attire. 


You can seamlessly add these loafers to an oversized shirt and slim-leg trousers ensemble. That being said, you will find yourself wearing these women's casual footwear to more than just the office!


Our chunky loafers feature a thicker heel giving them their chunky appearance; the chunky heel on these casual shoes will add a small boost of height. And the enclosed toes and supportive soles will keep your feet feeling comfortable all day long.

Of the many shoe brands available, we can be one of your favourite brand shops for we offer you shoes with quality, comfort, and style. We have a high volume of footwear available for you to work correctly.


We know how hard it can be searching for the right pair of footwear for work, and here at Spendless Shoes, we have taken out the guesswork for you. With the best that we can do to produce quality shoe products and services, we are one of the brands included in Brand Z. So, jump online and find your next pair of casual shoes for the office now!

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