Women's Sandals You Can Wear in Spring, Summer and Beyond!

Are you looking for the perfect women's sandals to wear all year?

If yes, you can stop searching now because Spendless New Zealand has the best options. Spendless NZ women's sandals are perfect for spring, summer, and beyond! We get that it can be difficult to find shoes that are both comfortable and breathable, especially on hot days, as well as shoes that can endure any kind of weather, including wet ones. At Spendless NZ, the collection of women's sandals ticks all the features you need. 

Let's start with comfort. The sun begins to come out of hiding in spring, getting warmer as the season heads to summer. By this time, your feet crave ventilation, and you want a perfect pair of women's sandals to keep them sweat-free. The footwear's open design allows air to circulate and moisture to escape, keeping you cosy while going about your day. Moreover, sandals are lightweight, reducing the burden on your feet as you stroll by the beach or the park. And while they are not the first choice for colder months, you can still use them for indoor footwear. Walking barefoot on cold floors isn't ideal, so use your sandals as slippers if you have none. Others wear them with tights for more warmth. And those who cannot stand the cold months travel to tropical islands for the sun and can use their sandals there.

When you shop at Spendless NZ, it goes without saying that the options are stylish. The brand's well-curated collection of women's sandals has four kinds: slides, comfort, thongs, and rubber thongs. Each offers a unique appeal that will cater to various preferences, but the common thing among them is comfort. From multiple colours, heights, sizes, and styles, you can ensure selecting women's sandals from Spendless NZ is the right choice. 

Discover more about each one with the help of our Spendless NZ team. If you're ready, let's start!


The All-Around Spendless NZ Collection



Your search for the women's sandals you can wear all year ends at Spendless NZ. Each option seamlessly combines comfort and style—features to keep you feeling and looking great during spring, summer, and beyond. The best part about shopping with the brand is its affordability. Spendless NZ understands the need to have a pair of sandals in the closet, which you can easily pull out when you need to feel open and airy. With five affordable price ranges and flexible payment systems that allow you to purchase now, pay in instalments later and get up to 10% off on your first purchase, we won't be surprised if you splurge on more than one pair. Isn't that an excellent investment for yourself? 

Let's look at the different women's sandals available at Spendless NZ to get you excited!


Style 1—Slides


Ladies who thrive on practical but stylish footwear will love slides because of their slide-on fit. These sandals take seconds to wear and remove, making them the best companions for spur-of-the-moment trips. You have no choice when your gal pals invite you on a spontaneous road trip, and they're right outside your door. With women's slide sandals, you can look great and be ready within seconds. 

With thirteen available colours at Spendless NZ, you will find one or two that fit your taste. Some options, especially the diamante-studded ones, are ideal for outdoor weddings, proving that the brand's shoes are suitable for all occasions. And since the sandals are versatile, you can use the same pair for that spontaneous trip with the girls, instantly elevating your look. 

Faye from the Spendless NZ collection is the perfect year-round option! Grab these gorgeous women's sandals and flaunt them everywhere. With its thick soles and two sparkling, textured, and contrasting straps, you have a winner. You can not go wrong with these sandals for both casual and formal occasions.


Style 2—Thongs


Let's combine the thong options in one category since women's thong sandals and rubber thongs are alike, except that the latter uses rubber material and is water-resistant. A common feature between them is the Y-strap between the toes. These sandals are the usual choice for beach trips and indoor footwear. Your spring and summer seasons are incomplete if you haven't gone on a vacation near a body of water. Like all other women's sandals in the Spendless NZ collection, thongs are appropriate for dressier occasions if you choose the right style.

Take Shine on that dream vacation with you. These Spendless NZ women's sandals have mirror-like decorations on the top straps. With an elasticised sling-back ankle strap, you can also wear these gorgeous thongs to formal occasions, proving they are an excellent investment!


Style 3—Comfort


You can instantly conclude from the name that  women's comfort sandals are cosy. With everyone choosing their comfort above everything else, having options that boost your style is lovely. At Spendless NZ, you don't have to compromise one over the other because all its women's sandals seamlessly combine both. The variety of options can be overwhelming. Whether you like open toes, open backs, various straps and textures, decorative embellishments, and vibrant colours, you can find one that fits your preferences. From flats to wedge heels, there's a pair of comfortable sandals you can wear for all your spring and summer outdoor events. 

Spendless NZ's Zelina deserves more than a second look. Make space in your shoe closet for these sandals because of features like a supportive, cushioned sole, a thick ankle band, and two crossover straps across the toes. The textures of the straps can excite the senses, combining a plain, braided, and sparkly glitter finish.


Footwear Maintenance


While we can ensure that Spendless NZ women's sandals are durable, it helps to take these steps to keep them around longer. Here are some tips:

  • Clean the insole. Scrub the footprints off your footwear with a used toothbrush. Rub the area with a soft cloth after removing the harder stains.
  • Protect from the Onset. A water and stain protection spray can protect your women's sandals, creating an invisible layer against dirt. Re-apply weekly.
  • Store properly. Invest in shoe closets, racks, or bags. Protect them from floating dust. 


Make Styling Easy with Spendless NZ Women's Sandals! 


Strappy sandals, closed-toe leather sandals in classic colours like tan sandals, and more are available to complete your summer wardrobe collection. During the summer season, the beach is the perfect place to wear trends with embellishments. Wedge sandals are lovely for relaxing poolside, and metallic sandals are ideal for long summer nights. Head to the nearest retailer or online store to grab one now!