Women's Casual Shoes Suitable for Office Wear

Working that nine to five office job can be hard on your feet, so comfortable footwear is necessary. Steer away from the generic heel height shoes that females are expected to wear in an office environment and change things up (if allowed to do so!).


Women’s dress shoes are the perfect alternative to the standard office attire, and we are all here for it! The New Zealand climate can be tricky to work around, but the team at Spendless Shoes will know exactly the type of shoes for women that will be perfect for you.


Get ready to see your work wardrobe have a makeover with the new addition of women’s casual boots. But, of course, the office will not know what hit them! So scroll down below to see some gorgeous women’s square toe shoes that you can wear in and out of the office. You’ll fall in love with them just like we have.


We Say YES To All-white Canvas Sneakers!


All-white canvas sneakers are the new staples when it comes to female work attire. Comfortable footwear has made a statement within the office realm, and we could not be more excited. The perfect womens shoes to wear at the office is a bright pair of all-white canvas sneakers.


This style of womens footwear offers a vibe of laidback and put together all at once. It is the ultimate style of walking shoes to own in your workwear wardrobe, and it can get styled in many ways. The go-to look with these women’s casual shoes is a midi skirt with a tucked-in blouse, cross body bag and plenty of jewellery.


It is a modern twist on the classic button-up shirt and pencil skirt with stockings that we would typically see in an office environment. Another great styling option for these all-white casual sneakers is to pair them with skinny jeans, cute crop tops and an oversized jumper.


This look is perfect for winter office attire as it keeps your feet warm without losing their stylish edge. In addition, the all-white women’s casual sneakers ensure you feel your very best throughout the day in the office, with maximum comfort levels and shock absorption  locked in.


If you have plans after work, these womens accessories  and footwear style will easily keep you looking your very best so you can go straight there from the office. Winning!


Everyday Flats Are A Must-have!


If you have not already noticed, ballet flat is making a comeback in the fashion hemisphere. This is music to our ears because now you can wear flat leather sandals to the office as well. Flats are a classic style of casual slip on shoes that have come in and out of fashion over the years.


They are classified as a very laidback style of girls shoes, which can make some females feel hesitant to wear them in the office. But do not fear, flats are in so you can say goodbye to those pesky heels. Flats are super versatile shoes online that makes it easy to pair with just about any look.


These dress shoes look best with a pair of flowy, ¾ work pants and a cute, silk button-up shirt. Flats are more of a summer type of footwear as they offer a breathable and open-foot design. So, pairing your flats with a patterned maxi dress can be your dream office outfit.


To help you out even more, flats usually come in a range of different designs, so you can find a style that can pair well with any look. A popular design of these women’s casual shoes is the self-tie flats. They offer a unique twist on the classic design of flats, adding femininity and class.


Self-tie flats take inspiration from the effortlessly beautiful ballet dancers. Their ribbon self-tie slippers are gorgeous to the eye, which is why self-tie flats are taking centre stage within the fashion world. So change up your next office look with a super cute pair of flats. These outdoor play casual shoes online are too good to resist.


Sliding Into Work With Ease!


Would you believe us if we said that slides are an office attire trend now? The majority of people would say no. But we are here to change that perspective. Women’s wide fit casuals have given a whole new definition with the influence of trendy slides.


Slides offer very few straps and are open-back so that you can slip in and out of them with ease. Slides are a super easy style of shoes for women to flaunt and are great for when you rush. Slip into a type of footwear that offers comfort and ease without compromising your fashion taste.


These slip on shoes come in a range of colours, shapes and styles, which means they are big on versatility. If you love wearing heels but do not enjoy the pain associated with them, why not try platform slides.


This style of women’s low heel leather shoes gives you the height boost you are craving, as well as an additional fashion boost. Slides are perfect for warm summer days where sweaty feet do not seem to tickle your fancy.


Slides offer a great amount of breathability, so your feet will not be an issue during outdoor games or your day in the office. These women’s slip on shoes also come in a range of patterns, so you can stock up on different styles and rotate them with each day you decide to wear flats. We really cannot fault the stunning flats!


Boots For All To Enjoy!


Boots are a style of women’s casual shoes that are becoming more and more acceptable within the office environment. In addition, boots give off sophisticated vibes, which are great for the days when you do not know what to wear but still need to dress professionally.


This look is where boots come in to save the day. These women’s dress boots are great for winter office attire as they keep are like quilt cover to your feet to keep it, warm and protected. Boots come in a range of styles, which means you have an endless number of possibilities when choosing your next pair of black leather boots.


Ankle boots are a style of black leather casual shoes commonly seen in the office as they provide a subtle, sophisticated look. ankle boots are Perfect to pair with denim jeans, a black top, and a patterned blazer. If your daredevil side wants to come out and play, why not spice things up and try out some knee-high boots.


These are a statement piece when it comes to women’s casual shoes, so flaunt your latest kicks in the office! These pair well with jeans and an oversized coat or paired with a mini dress and stockings. These women’s casual shoes will take your office look to the next level, whatever outfit you choose.


Say Hello To The Beautiful Block Heels!


Block heels are the ultimate go-to women’s casual shoes for office attire. Block heels are a popular design of footwear within the fashion world, and we love every second of it. However, for those who enjoy wearing heels to work but hate the pain, you will now be pain-free in these block heels.


This women’s low heel shoes style can be styled in a laidback fashion or dressed up for a more formal setting. This look works wonders for a day in the office, especially if you have back-to-back meetings and need a pair of heels that remain presentable.


Block heels will become your new go-to type of women’s casual shoes because they are super comfortable and turn every outfit up a notch. These women’s square toe shoes are great for Friday office attire so, you can go straight from the office to cocktails with style and ease.    


Ready To Give Your Office Wardrobe A Makeover?


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