Work Shoes That Won’t Hurt Your Feet

Comfortable Work Shoes You Need!

Let’s start this thing off with a quick tip! When you shop for work heels, comfort should be your primary focus. Before you start thinking about which styles look presentable or fashionable or might go well with your go-to office outfit, be sure that you’re selecting shoes you know can see you through the day. So, what might that mean for your best work heels?

Does your weekly routine include an abundance of walking, transit, or standing? Which designs would be best suited to your activities? Consider the answers to these questions while you browse work heels to find a happy medium between practically and beauty!

Spendless Shoes has an array of stunning work heels that could be your perfect fit! Here are a few styles we recommend:

Classic pumps

Let’s start with a classic favourite, shall we? These slim work heels are sleek and sophisticated. Versatility is the name of the game with these shoes. Skinny stilettos like our pumps look gorgeous with everything from culottes and pencil skirts to patterned dresses and power-suits. At Spendless Shoes, we call work heels like these a must-have in any collection, as you could wear pumps every day of the week without them feeling tired.

Kitten-style work heels

These are a smaller version of our pumps, but they’re excellent ones at that! With their low point and pretty silhouette, these would be an apt pair for ladies who love the idea of pump-style work heels, but can never last the duration in a high style. If your day involves a lot of walking or a long transit on buses or trains where you may need to stand, then kitten-style work heels are a trend to consider seriously.

Sling-backs shoes

Continuing in this vein of short and skinny work heels, we invite you to rediscover a classic! Sling-backs are a stylish vintage-made-new look with a timeless feel. The ankle detail is flattering, and the shoes look gorgeous under culottes and pencil skirts alike. And, with their tiny point for comfort and balance, sore feet can be a thing of the past thanks to our sling-back work heels!

Did we mention that you have some excellent finishes to choose from as well? An eye-catching red or pink sling-back can brighten up your corporate wardrobe, but it’s the animal prints that are our favourites in 2019! Try these work heels with leopard spots and make sure your style is always on point!

Pointy-toed and block-based

With supportive bases that maximise comfort, you can trust work heels in this design to see you through the day without incurring aches and pains. A favourite pick from our collection is pointy-toed work heels covered in faux suede.

Want to know the best part? You have total freedom when it comes to picking the height! If you love a versatile set that can make an easy switch from work heels to weekend shoes, then go with something short. Otherwise, our lovely high pairs could be the finishing touch on a formal occasion!

Need something different?

Of course, there are some other options if work heels don’t do it for you. Our collection of flat and dressy loafers make essential and cosy wear in any office.  And, if you work in hospitality or at a fast-food restaurant and need safety shoes instead of heels, our slip-resistant styles would be a perfect fit.

Try your luck at all these and more when you shop at Spendless Shoes! If you want to say goodbye to aching feet during your nine-to-five, then it’s time add our work heels and corporate styles to your shopping list.