Your Guide To Our Boys’ 2021 School Shoe Styles!

Parents, this one's for you! Don't stress out about buying boys' school shoes in 2021! Spendless Shoes is here with a foolproof guide to finding your son's ideal pair. In this article, we'll tell you a bit about our best designs, and then offer some handy tips for getting a perfect size. Let's begin! 


Our classic boys' school shoes are an instant classic! 


One nice thing about buying uniform styles is that they don't change a lot. Of course, Spendless is always updating boys' school shoes with cosier and better-supported designs, but as far as fashion trends go, these styles are timeless. Now, would you enjoy a little run-through of our best-loved designs? 


Boys' school shoes from our collection are either vegan-friendly synthetic pairs or feature leather uppers and lining. We use a distinctive banner on our website to highlight leather styles, and the material information is always in the product description, so you know what you're buying every time! You can't tell the difference between leather and synthetic styles by sight, because all of our boys' school shoes are black, glossy, and sleek! We fit our pairs with grooved soles for grip, arch support, and durable material. 


Since we provide boys' school shoes for an impressive age range, you'll find pairs with touch-fastening tabs and regular shoelaces in our selection. We recommend whichever is age-appropriate for your son! The best part about our classic boys' school shoes is that each style comes in heaps of different sizes. So, if you discover your son's perfect match during his early years, you can keep coming back to Spendless and grab it in a bigger size. 


Even once he's outgrown the kids' collection, there's a good chance that our men's range will have something similar to his favourite boys' school shoes too! 


Sneakers and trainers should be on your shopping list too!


Does your child play a lot of sports, have a weekly PE class, or take part in any afternoon club activities? If so, he's going to need active boys' school shoes! When you buy sneakers from Spendless, you can count on reliable comfort, lasting support, and a trendy aesthetic too! 


Boys' school shoes in this category get designed with grooved tread, shock-absorbing soles, cushioned ankles, and other safety features. Now, what sort of styles would suit your son the best for his athletics?


Typically, we recommend touch-fastening versions for younger kids and lace-up styles for older kids' athletic looks. Still, since we know that children grow at different speeds, you'll find small laced kids' sneakers and large touch-fastening designs too! 


Now, what about the colours of your boys' school shoes? Here at Spendless, we have a huge range of vibrant and colourful trainers, so he's got his choice of the lot! 


Does your son have a strict uniform policy to follow? Don't worry, we know all about the struggle of dress codes and tough teachers! That's why Spendless has sporty boys' school shoes in all-black and all-white. These block-coloured trainers will keep even the harshest admirations happy, and they've got all the comfort features (and cool styling) you'll see on our other sneakers! 


Finding the right size is no trouble when you shop at Spendless! 


While our team would love to help you get your boys' school shoes fitted in person, we know that it's a bit of a stretch for customers who live in New Zealand. Unfortunately, Spendless does not have physical stores in Auckland, Wellington, or any other cities over there. 


International travel restrictions aside, we doubt you'll be buying a plane ticket anytime soon. If it's simply to visit us and get your son fitted into new boys' school shoes. Luckily, we know how to make finding the ideal size effortlessly easy in 2021, and you can get it done from the comfort of your own home! 


The first way to find your son's ideal Size for boys' school shoes is to jump online and consult our Size Guide. You can find the link to this section at the bottom of our webpage, right there in the footer! Our Size Guide is split into different sections, so keep that in mind when you're checking for boys' school shoes. Depending on what age your son is, you might need to look at a few different places. 


There's the central children's chart, the Pre-Walker/Junior table, or the Junior/Preteen size guide. Use this chart to figure out your son's measurements for boys' school shoes by comparing Spendless sizes with the equivalent UK, US, and EU sizes. As long as you know which size will fit your child in at least one of these scales, then you'll be able to figure out the rest in no time! 


All the information you need about our boys' school shoes is right there at your fingertips.


Want to learn how to test the fit of your child's footwear by yourself?


Don't worry, because the steps are so straightforward, there's no way you can get this wrong. You can use this simple test to check if your child has outgrown his boys' school shoes and needs a new pair. Did you buy your son's new set from Spendless' online store?


If you want to check that you've purchased the right size, then you can do this test as soon as your order arrives home! First, get your child to put on his uniform socks, so you can be sure you're testing the fit of his boys' school shoes properly. Remember, a thick or thin set of casual crew socks might skew the results! 


Next, get him to lace-up, pull-on, or stick down the touch-fastening tabs on his boys' school shoes. Make sure that they feel as secure and comfortable as possible. Then, have your child stand up and stay still. Press down on the top of your son's boys' school shoes until you locate his longest toe. If you're having trouble, tell him to wiggle his toes until you can feel them through the material. 


Once you've found it, measure how much room he has between the end of his toes and the tip of the boys' school shoes. Rulers and tape measures are not necessary, so feel free to use your thumb if you want! If there is roughly a centimetre gap, then your boys' school shoes should fit perfectly! 


You must be ready to look for styles now!


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