Your Guide to Selecting the Right Kid's School Shoes!

It is that time of year when the recess bells are ringing again, and the children's laughter can be heard from a mile away. That's right; the school year is back, and what better way to kick off the start of term with a new pair of kid's school shoes? Of course, nothing is better than investing in new styles of kicks for the year ahead. 


We know that every parent in New Zealand will need to invest in a new pair of kids' school shoes for their children sooner rather than later. To take the stress out of this shopping experience, the Spendless Shoes New Zealand team has gathered a range of styles that will be suitable for your children. 


So if you want to get your hands on a new set of kids' school shoes, then keep reading. We have something for everyone to enjoy! 


Style 1 – Touch-Fastening


Check out our range of touch-fastening kids' school shoes! These are the perfect set of kicks for you to invest in if your child is still struggling to tie up their laces. Some children take longer than others to get the hang of tying up their shoelaces, which is why a pair of touch-fastening kid's school shoes is worth investing in. 


All your child has to do is wake up, jump out of bed, and step into their touch-fastening kid's school shoes. You will love what these black school shoes can do for your child. The best thing about having these kids' school shoes is that they can protect your child's feet from morning until night. 


You will find that these are super comfortable and come in a range of monochrome colours. Next, check out the STICK2 range of touch-fastening kids' school shoes. These will become your child's new favourite pair of kicks in no time! 


Style 2 – Lace-Up


Get your hands on a pair of lace-up style school shoes. These are the perfect kicks for every child. Lace-ups are a classic footwear design and have been in uniform criteria for many years. These kids' school shoes are so popular because they are super durable, versatile, and supportive on your feet. 


You will surely adore what a pair of these school shoes can do for your child, especially for your gender, boys. They will be smiling from ear to ear with a set of lace-up kicks on their feet. These kids' school shoes offer a closed-toe design and an easy lace-up fastening. You can trust that this footwear style will keep your child's feet safe and secure all day long. 


These are the perfect kids' school shoes for every child. The best thing about them is that they adhere to uniform guidelines. So it's a win-win in our eyes!


Style 3 – Boots


Finding the right pair of kid's school shoes can be challenging during the winter months. That is why we recommend everyone to invest in a set of boots for their children. 


Boots are super easy to wear and comfortable for your everyday attire. These kids' school shoes offer a slip-on design, perfect for children who hate fastening their kicks or like to sleep in until the very last minute. In addition, our range of boots offers the same protective qualities that other kids' school shoes do. 


You will find that boots feature a thick and supportive sole. This tip is accompanied by a hard outer material and a closed-toe look. These features benefit a pair of boots because they are protective and sturdy. 


So whether there is rain, dirt, or mud splashing around, you can trust that a set of boots will protect your child's feet. Find a store that will provide what you are looking for. Go to Spendless New Zealand's menu shop!


Style 4 – Mary-Jane


Do you need the perfect kid's school shoes for your daughter? If you nod yes, then we have the perfect style for you. That's right! We are talking about our range of Mary-Jane kids' school shoes. These are a must-have style of footwear in your daughter's life. 


Our range of Mary-Jane footwear is perfect for a day full of learning and play. This footwear style is easy to wear and looks stylish all year long. These kids' school shoes feature a t-buckle design and geometric cut-outs on the outer material. These features ensure many benefits, like plenty of breathability and comfort in footwear. 


We love to style these kids' school shoes with summer and winter uniforms. Nothing is better than looking your best and feeling comfortable throughout a study day. But, of course, your daughter can also rock these kicks during primary and secondary schooling! 


Style 5 – Trainers


If you have an active child, you will benefit greatly from investing in a set of trainers. Trainers are the type of kid's school shoes that will support and comfort your child's feet. Every child needs to feel supported when participating in physical education or running around with friends at recess and lunch. 


Trainers offer a thick and cushion-like base for support throughout the day. In addition, there are laces to fasten and extra padding around the outer material for protection. Trainers are designed for physical education, so we recommend investing in a set of these kicks if your child loves to stay active throughout the day. 


The best thing about these school shoes is that they can be worn in and outside the classroom. So, if your child has a family dinner to attend or an after-hours playdate, you can trust that they will look and feel their best in a set of trainers. You will love investing in a pair of these kids' school shoes! 


Have You Found the Perfect Pair of Kid's School Shoes?


We hope that our suggested kicks are suitable for your child! However, it can be super challenging at the best of times to find the perfect set of footwear for the new educational year. So head to one of the top online shopping stores, the Spendless Shoes New Zealand website, today to get your hands on a new pair of footwear!


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