Your Guide to Selecting the Right Kids School Shoes!

Finding the right pair of kids’ school shoes is always a challenge at the best of times. We understand how challenging it can be to invest in a set of kicks that are perfect for your child. Every parent in New Zealand can relate when we say that parents want their children to be happy. 


Investing in a set of kids’ school shoes that your children are happy to wear is the best thing to happen for any parent. To help you out with this shopping process, the team at Spendless Shoes New Zealand brands shop has gathered a range of kid’s school shoes we know your children will love to wear. If you are keen to see what we have found for you, then keep reading. 


1. Lace-ups 


Say hello to our range of lace-ups! These are the perfect set of kids’ school shoes that every parent should invest in for their child. You will find that lace-ups are a classic style of footwear that every child will love to wear all day long. These kids’ school shoes are great because they adhere to every uniform guideline. Your child will love rocking a set of lace-ups throughout the day of learning and play.


We love that these kicks are comfortable, supportive, and easy to wear for your children. The best thing about these kids’ school shoes is that they offer a sturdy outer material that ensures that your child’s feet are protected all day long. 


These kids’ school shoes are a unisex range of footwear as well. This tip is perfect if you have more than one child. Your children can mix and match with their kid’s school shoes to suit their style and mood for the day. It is a win-win in our eyes! 


2. Touch-fastening


Do your children struggle to wake up in the morning? Do they hate getting ready for the day ahead? Well, you are in luck! Our range of touch-fastening kid’s school shoes is perfect for children who have no energy in the mornings. It can feel difficult for our babies to get into a routine. Our range of touch-fastening kid style school shoes is here to make that process a little bit easier.


 You will find that these kicks offer a double-strap fastening with thick and supportive soles. In addition, the outer material is padded, which means that your child’s feet will stay protected from morning until night. 


When they wake up for the day, all your child has to do is get dressed, brush their teeth, and slip into their pair of touch-fastening kids’ school shoes. You will see a smile on your child’s face all day long! 


3. Flats


Treat your daughter to a stylish pair of flats for the year ahead. These are the type of black school shoes that can get worn throughout the entire year with ease. Flats offer plenty of comfort and style for your daughter to walk around in for the day. These kids’ school shoes are super easy to slip in and out of as well, which is perfect for when your daughter comes home and kicks up her feet for the night.


 There is no better feeling than wearing a set of comfortable footwear for a day full of learning and play. If your daughter loves to sit in the classroom and study, she will love wearing a pair of flats. These are the type of kid’s school shoes perfect for the classroom and oval. 


You will find that flats come in a design that features a strap over the foot. This tip is perfect for girls who love to have fun and play with friends during the lunch break. Shop on your top online shopping, Spendless NZ, to enjoy these kicks. These are a must-have set of kid’s school shoes!


4. Boots


Get ready for the winter season with our range of boots. These are a perfect set of kid’s school shoes for every child to wear. You will love how comfortable and stylish a pair of boots are for your children. These are the perfect set of kicks to invest in for a day full of learning and play. Your children will feel comfortable and supported in these kids’ school shoes. 


Our range of boots offers a sturdy and enclosed toe design, perfect for the winter months. These high demand shoes can protect your child from rain, hail, or mud. So whatever the weather is for the day, you can trust a pair of boots will protect your child’s feet with ease. 


They can jump around in puddles, slide through mud, and not injure or disturb their feet. But, of course, this tip is all thanks to their pair of boots on their feet. Woo hoo! 


5. Mary-Jane


Check out our range of Mary-Jane kids’ school shoes. These are the must-have pair of kicks for every girl in New Zealand. You will find that these kids’ school shoes are super stylish and comfortable to wear, which is perfect for your daughter. Our Mary-Jane kid’s school shoes are popular in the world of uniforms, and we are obsessed. 


These kicks offer your daughter a breathable and stylish design to wear throughout the day. You will find that these kicks feature a T-buckle design with geometric cut-outs along with the outer material. 


These features ensure plenty of breathability and room to move in these new styles of shoes. So get your hands on a pair of these kids’ school shoes today and watch how happy your daughter will be! 




We highly recommend for parents when shopping for a set of kid’s school shoes to invest in some accessories. These are a must-have for footwear as they can ensure they are comfy and long-lasting for your child. Also, why not try investing some innersoles for your child’s new pair of kid’s school shoes.   


These accessories add an extra layer of comfort to the footwear and ensure that they last longer. You will also benefit from buying some backup socks and laces. You never know when to replace the old for the new. You will thank us later! 


Are you ready to get your hands on a pair of kid’s school shoes?


Our range of kicks will look perfect on your child’s feet. You will see them with a smile on their dial from morning until night with these kids’ school shoes on their feet. Head to the Spendless Shoes New Zealand menu shop website today to invest in a new set. 


We are one of the dependable brands shops, so rest assured that you will get the finest items you want! So make your first purchase & subscribe right now to enjoy amazing rewards and many benefits. Continue shopping with us!